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To maximize sharpness, move the control all the way to the right. Required bandwidth: Here you will see the required network bandwidth to properly stream the video based on the manual settings. If the network conditions do not provide sufficient bandwidth, you will see the video pause from time to time as the profile you selected may be too aggressive. If you cannot find an adequate manual setting, you may want to switch back to the SlingStream settings.

Original Settings: If you have made any changes to the settings on this screen, selecting this button returns those settings to their defaults. Some corporations use firewalls to prevent access to certain outside resources on the Internet. If you have trouble using your Slingbox from the office, this might be the reason.

Slingbox Users Worldwide: Exchange of Finder ID/PW

Additionally, some office locations use proxy servers for security between office workstations and the Internet. If you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you may need to enter this information if you are having trouble viewing your Slingbox. The Advanced tab contains additional helpful settings when you use your Slingbox.

Uncheck this to stop seeing the warning. An alert can display to remind you to turn Control Mode off to return to normal viewing mode. If you uncheck this option, you will have to manually add a Slingbox to your directory when you want to access it remotely. If you only have a single Slingbox, you may want to check this for faster connections. Tip: Take your laptop wherever you go. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere.

This appendix provides additional setup and software installation information not covered in Chapters 1 and 2. Follow the instructions in this appendix if the typical setup is not possible in your home, or if you want to use optional connections that may make setup simple for you. Also, if you have more than one router in your home, you may need to adjust your network setup to use the Slingbox. The Setup Wizard and the SlingPlayer application automatically discover the Slingbox on your home network. See page 69 for information about adjusting your firewall software settings.

This appendix also provides information about resetting your Slingbox to its factory settings. To view your Slingbox remotely outside of your home network you need to open a port on your router. If you were unable to use Automatic mode or you selected Manual mode, you must open a port on your home router prior to activating remote viewing.

Read below for troubleshooting tips. The final step of the Setup Wizard is a test that verifies remote viewing is properly configured. If this test fails, you can:. This is the best first step to solve the problem. Before making any changes, you should Try Again once. While configuring your router for port forwarding, it is possible a typo or other minor mistake was made. If you want to enjoy your Slingbox within the home and configure remote viewing later, simply click Disable Remote Viewing.

You can then use your Slingbox with any locally connected PCs, and change the network settings to enable remote viewing at a later time. If the Network light on the front of the Slingbox is blinking,.


Remote and local viewing will not work in this case. Refer to the solutions below to fix the problem. There are a number of possible reasons why remote viewing fails. The first thing to do is to identify why remote viewing does not work for you.

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If either your Internet connection or the Slingbox Finder service is down, you will not be able to watch your Slingbox remotely. You can verify this is the problem if the following error message displays:. Please check your Internet connection and firewall settings.

Solution: Check your Internet connection. Once your Internet connection is active, your Slingbox should be working once communication is reestablished with the Slingbox Finder service. Click Try Again when your Internet connection is restored to activate remote viewing. Internet security and firewall software, such as Norton Internet Security or ZoneAlarm, keep your home network safe from viruses or damaging attacks.

Additionally, by default, most routers do not block devices from accessing the Internet. This is typically a user setting. You will not be able to watch your Slingbox remotely if your router blocks it. If you are running these software programs, your security software may display an alert message while installing the SlingPlayer software or using the SlingPlayer application. This message informs you if a program is attempting to access the Internet, and asks you to either allow or deny access. You may see an alert appear while running the SlingPlayer or Slingbox Setup Wizard related to personal security or firewall software, which may look like one of the warnings on the following page.

Solution: If you see such a warning, you need to grant or permit access for your Slingbox to work properly. If you accidentally block the SlingPlayer software, consult your firewall documentation or support Web site to grant access to the SlingPlayer. A port must be open on your router to watch your Slingbox remotely. By opening a port on your router, your router allows access to your Slingbox when you attempt to watch your Slingbox from a remote computer.

If the port is not open, your router does not allow outside access, as shown below. Solution: If the Setup Wizard did not automatically open a port on your router, go to www. If this does not provide sufficient help, refer to your router documentation or the support Web site for your router manufacturer. With the growth of wireless networks and combination network devices, some home networks have become overly complex with the use of multiple routers when just one can do the trick.

If you have multiple routers in your home the ports must be open along the path. How is this possible? In this case, the VoIP server is actually your primary router. In a multiple router home where the Slingbox is connected to a secondary router, as shown below, you need to open a port on both routers to watch your Slingbox remotely. It is strongly recommended that you connect your Slingbox to the primary router in your home, as shown.

This is the easiest and most reliable configuration for setting up your Slingbox for remote viewing.

Slingbox Pro-HD Unboxing + Overview

Solution: Follow these instructions if you connected the Slingbox to your secondary router. If you properly completed the network steps during the Setup Wizard, port-forwarding is now set up on your secondary router, as shown above. Now you need to open a port on your primary router. Follow the remaining steps below.

Important: In addition to configuring port forwarding in the following steps , it is strongly recommended that you either: A. Set a static, or permanent, IP address for your secondary router. If this occurs, you will have to reconfigure your primary router again for remote viewing of your Slingbox.

Your primary router must ALSO have a port forwarding entry, which should look like this. These wall-plug devices—also known as HomePlug or Powerline bridges—are easy to set up and use with the Slingbox, requiring no new wires. Wall-plug bridges provide better performance than wireless networking.

Tip: Go to www. Make sure to follow the installation instructions that come with the equipment you purchase. Important: For optimal performance, it is strongly recommended that you connect the bridges directly to a wall outlet. Do not connect them to a power strip or extension cord. The Slingbox cannot wirelessly connect to your home network by itself. However, you can connect the Slingbox to an existing wireless network using an Ethernet-to-wireless bridge or a wireless game adapter and use your wireless laptop around the house.

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You must have a wireless home network for this setup. Set up your bridge to work with your existing wireless home network before you connect the Slingbox to your bridge. It is recommended that you test the bridge where you plan to use the Slingbox. Wireless networks vary in signal strength from location to location. Make sure to follow the installation instructions that come with the equipment that you purchase. The MAC address is printed on the bottom of the Slingbox.

Certain situations may require you to restore your Slingbox to factory settings. For example:. In this case, the Slingbox was set up to work with your original router and now needs a new IP address from your new router.

Slingbox Tuner Review

With your Slingbox powered on, press and hold the Reset button on the back of the Slingbox for five seconds. The lights on the front of the Slingbox quickly flash from left to right, then flash slowly. The Slingbox is reset after 30 seconds. Once reset, the Power light stays solid. Note: If your Slingbox is connected to your router, the Network light will also go on when it receives an IP address.

If you restore factory settings, all of your Slingbox settings will be cleared and it will need to be reconfigured. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Sling Media, Inc. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.