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Jonathan Jackson was arrested after a teen was critically injured in a North Las Vegas crash on May Jonathan Ulibarri was arrested for breaking into a coworkers home, stealing a television, and setting it on fire. It happened on Feb. He was arrested on March Eric Brzoza was arrested after a deadly crash at U. Deangelo Clark was charged with simple battery, open and gross lewdness, and trespassing after allegedly fondling a woman at UNLV on April Marlene Fitzgerald is accused of claiming to be a celebrity talent booking representative in an apparent scam.

Christopher Robinson was arrested Nov. Russell Ricafort pleaded guilty in a unlicensed car dealer case in Clark County. Gerald Richardson was arrested Nov. Carey Michele Sims was arrested for endangerment, two counts of aggravated assault on an officer, aggravated criminal damage, resisting arrest and unlawful flight from law enforcement after the Mohave County Sheriff's Office said she led deputies on a mile pursuit.

Mohave County detention officer Ashley Aquino is accused of bringing heroin into the jail on Nov. Noel Shakespeare was arrested in a deadly shooting Oct. Michael Harris is accused of attempted sexual assault and burglary after incidents at a Nellis Boulevard apartment complex Oct. Las Vegas police released booking photo of year-old Cameron Garcia. Daman Holmes was arrested Sept. Gary Erickson is no longer with the Mesquite Police Department after he was accused of sexual misconduct with a teen.

Eric Pedersen was arrested in connection with the Sept. Former "Bachelor" contestant Amanda Stanton was arrested on a domestic battery charge on Sept. Davon Smith is accused of being under the influence when he hit two pedestrians outside the South Point Sept. Ernest Milton Smith Jr.

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Aylin Alvarez-Perez was arrested after a high-speed crash killed an 8-year-old boy on Aug. Joshua Oxford was arrested Sept. Kokoe Akouete-Ekoue is charged with vehicular manslaughter in a January wrong-way crash that killed a North Las Vegas police detective. Aisha Thomas was arrested on a murder charge after a child's body was found in a duffel bag. Heather Barden and Daniel Wesp are accused of ransacking an elderly couple's home while they were away. Jose Garcia, a security guard at a Fremont Street hotel, was arrested on sexual assault charges on Aug.

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Seth Alfredson was arrested on a murder charge, accused in his roommate's death. Ashley Smith was arrested on child abuse and attempted murder charges after a toddler was found unconscious at a Motel 6 on Boulder Highway July Crystal Stephens was arrested in the death of a 4-year-old child on July Rigoberto Flores-Tovar was arrested after police said he hit a person at a bus stop on July Joseph Daut was arrested after Mesquite police said he shot at officers. Alyjah Carter was arrested on an attempted murder charge after police said she hit her boyfriend with her vehicle at McCarran International Airport on July Hill, she resigned from Congress.

At an unspecified date during Rep.

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Grijalva's service in Congress, he was accused of creating a hostile work environment and being frequently drunk. The claims, always denied by Grijalva, were resolved with a severance payment in although none of this became public until Now, his case is apparently being reviewed by the House Committee on Ethics , although what for and why is unknown. In February , Gaetz posted a threatening tweet aimed at Michael Cohen, President Trump's former personal attorney the night before Cohen was scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee regarding crimes for which Cohen had been found guilty and in which, according to federal prosecutors, the President participated.

Gaetz was referred to the Florida Bar for investigation and possible discipline. In August , the Florida Bar announced it had found "no probable cause" that Gaetz had violated its rules and closed its investigation. Because of his repeated refusals to respond to House Committee on Ethics requests for interviews, an Investigative Subcommittee was established in June In , Mr. Hayes, the Republican representative for NC-8 from and current chair of the North Carolina Republican Party, was indicted on charges of bribery and conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud, along with several counts of making false statements in an effort to bribe North Carolina's insurance commissioner.

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In October , Mr. Hayes pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI while being investigated for conspiracy and bribery. In , Blum was accused of omitting required information from financial disclosure reports; permitting the use of official House resources for a private business in which he had a financial interest and the use of unfair or deceptive trade practices. In January , the Committee ceased investigating as its juridiction ended with the th Congress. In May , Garrett announced he is an alcoholic and that he would not run for re-election at the same time that allegations that he had been using Congressional staff to perform unofficial work and personal errands emerged.

In December , the House Committee on Ethics announced it was extending its investigation The investigation ceased with the end of the th Congress as Garrett is no longer in Congress. In April , the Ohio Democratic Party filed a complaint against Renacci with the Office of Congressional Ethics for misusing his congressional office for campaign purposes. The Committee ceased investigating at the end of the th because they no longer had jurisdiction.

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On June 28, Rep. Jayapal was arrested for crowding, obstructing, or incommoding, during a protest inside a Senate Office Building in Washington, D. The House Committee on Ethics concluded that no further investigation was needed since Rep. In , Rep. In December of , the ISC expanded its investigation to include more instances of improper uses of funds and to add alleged failure to make financial disclosures In April of , the Committee on Ethics published the Office of Congressional Ethics report on Schweikert which states that "there is substantial reason to believe" the allegations are true.

In May , the Committee reauthorized an Investigative subcommittee for the th Congress.

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In February , a resolution to reprimand Rep. Gosar for attempting to pressure Capitol Police via Twitter to arrest State of the Union guests he described as "illegal aliens" was tabled i. Several Democratic representatives brought undocumented immigrants who are currently part of the DACA program to the speech. In April of , Rep.

Esty announced she would not seek reelection after she admitted that she had failed to address sexual harassment by one staffer against another in a timely manner. She said she had also asked for a review of her office's actions by the House Committee on Ethics. In December of , the House Committee on Ethics found that Esty had broken no House rules but that she could have handled the situation better.

In , the Federal Elections Commission FEC announced it was investigating Nunes for receiving campaign contributions in excess of limits and from prohibited entities. On Nov. While serving on the House Committee on Ethics, Meehan used taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment complaint privately, heading off an investigation. He was subsequently removed from the House Committee on Ethics.

In March , the House Committee on Ethics had established and staffed an Investigative Subcommittee When Meehan resigned in April , the Committee ceased investigating because he was no longer within their jurisdiction. In , the Office of Congressional Ethics recommended further review of allegations against Rep.

Duncan, Jr. In January , the Committee ceased investigating as its jurisdiction ended with the th Congress. On Dec. On November 16, , the Committee the Committee found that Representative Kihuen made persistent and unwanted advances towards women who were required to interact with him as part of their professional responsibilities. As a result, the Committee voted to adopt the Investigative Subcommittee's report, which along with the Committee's report will serve as a reproval of Kihuen.

The House Committee on Ethics recommended no action as the fine has been paid. In Chu was investigated for having been arrested during a December protest outside of the White House. On December 7, , Senator Franken announced his resignation which was effective January 2, due to allegations of sexual harassment. On December 5, , Conyers resigned from office at the start of an investigation for sexual harassment, age discrimination, and improper use of official resources for personal purposes.

In Filner pleaded guilty to groping, sexually suggestive comments and unwanted advances as mayor of San Diego, CA. In Nov. Diana DeGettee alleged that Filner had groped her when their Congressional terms overlapped. Menendez was investigated for unspecified misconduct in The Senate investigation was halted during his investigation and trial for corruption and bribery which resulted in a mistrial. In April , the Senate Select Committee on Ethics admonished Senator Menendez for violating Senate rules and ordered him to repay any remaining outstanding value of impermissable gifts. Weiner sent sexually explicit texts to women who were not his wife, including to a year-old girl. On Jun. On Oct. In Jefferson was convicted of bribery. In , he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. In , 7 of the 10 indictments were dismissed and he was released from prison. On Aug. He had been under investigation by the House Office of Congressional Ethics since for sharing material nonpublic information in the purchase of Innate stock, using his status to purchase discounted stock, and in directing an NIH employee to meet with Innate staff to discuss a clinical trial.

He briefly suspended his reelection campaign, then unsuspended it and kept his seat. On Sept.

In Bardallo was investigated for receiving profit from a foreign government; excess gifts; use of official funds for personal travel; and using congressional staff for personal services. The House Committee on Ethics recommended further review.