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Best Of Toolroom Best of Mare Records.

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Mare Records. Andreas Kremer Got Remixed. Lifeform Recordings. Bryan Kearney presents This is Kearnage Black Hole Recordings. Toolroom Ibiza Rec , Ash Carr , Lotta , Dr. Acuna Boyz Productions. Toolroom Trax. Mindlab Records. Trance Top Selection, Vol. No More Mr. Nice Guy Remixes. DJ Misjah , Alexis Tyrel. Basic Beat. Yin Yang Bombs - Compilation 3. DJ Misjah , Nelman. Flatlife Records Digital. Sonic Convergence Records.

Andreas Wolter plays "Choral" [Album Emotion Pictures]

I Want a New Drug. DJ Misjah , Kyle Hendricks. The Best of Keep on Techno Part 2. Keep On Techno Records. Selekted Big Room Vol. Selekted Music.


Electro House Clubbers Volume Bootleg Beats. A State Of Trance - Unmixed. Bellboy Records. Miami - Selekted In The Club. Thomas P.


Heckmann aka Drax Ltd. II Amphetamine. AFU Limited. Dirty Herz , DJ Misjah. Powerhouse Selekted Music. Selekted At Amsterdam Dance Event Homebase "The Remixes". Ministry Of Electro House Volume Tocadisco , Hatzler , Bucher , Chopstick , Bushwacka! Vinyl Loop Records. Eivissa Most Wanted. Bavaria Recordings. Baccara Music. Ibiza Closing Silver Screen. Jack The Ripper EP.

Toxicated Beats Records. Three acts working in the field of music, art and installation, as well as Wesleyan composers and students, will explore different ways around the subject of space and music. With multiple locations around Wesleyan campus, the extended concert situation will free the audience by giving them the decision of when and how they will explore the pieces and installations.

The observer is for the most part confronted with a totally dark video screen and a steady clicking sound. Only fast movements of flashlights illuminateing for a short time parts of the dark and impenetrable space that the two actors and the observers are trying to explore. An ongoing tape-pieces series based on songs that have been deconstructed by different composers, which I try to bring back to their original state. A pair of concerts celebrating the life and works of the late composer James Tenney.

The Friday concert includes selections of Tenneys Postal Pieces, performed by Wesleyan graduate student composers. The Saturday concert features original works by graduate student composers based on the musical ideas of James Tenney.

57th Annual Grammy Awards

Graduate student composers will discuss various aspects of Tenney's work at a colloquium on Wednesday, April 11th at pm in Music Studios, Room I realized and that is no surprise , that it is physical and mental strenuous to create or "find" every day something special, interesting, something valid to post and this is not always possible. Not every piece is important by itself - every piece acts as a filter of meanings - as a signifier to a broader idea.

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Many posted videos and audio pieces will create a more explicit picture of this idea. But this idea is not fixed or predetermined — it is more a loose structure or a network of abstract references.

Nocturne of Sadness - Andreas M. Wolter

Vielen Dank. The Composition C. The Video Score will be presented in front of the players on monitor screens and at the same time on a big projection screen for the audience to see. The score contains beside a film playing instructions for the musicians including staff notations, and text and graphic instructions. For the entirety of the piece all four players play one long glissandi across two strings. The glissandi needs to be played over a period of time of nine minutes without a break. This means the movement of the fingers must be as slow and as minimal as possible. Consciousness Reframed is a forum for developments in the field of art, technology and consciousness.

This year we will address emerging issues under the rubric of Complexity and Qi. ROTOR is part of a largescale movieproject about the end of the fossil world and the search for an infossil beginning for the following generations.

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  • Weisser Westen. Beaster Blog. Cause Unfold Proceed. Serial Noise. Homepage V4 — MSP - WhereabOuts Spuler - NEWS Besides the vinyl album the movie will also be on screen. FFT Juta ab 18 Uhr Design by Lotte Effinger. Mutter Ey Str. Mai , Donnerstag, Einlass ab Januar - Beginn: The workshop will comprise of a series of presentation on key concepts, hands-on sessions and individual project development. Black Box Schulstr.

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    • Development Dec. C PROF. Series C. Some of the more recent pieces are exploring the same idea differently. Additionally, the two fingers are playing the glissandi at two different speeds. NEWS —