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Joe Stone is a freelance writer in California who has been writing professionally since COM, SFgate. He also has experience in background investigations and spent almost two decades in legal practice. Skip to main content. Tips You can use this same search method to locate other real estate records, such as quitclaim deeds, special warranty deeds or trust transfer deeds. Private companies can be retained to perform this type of search if you are unable to do so yourself. About the Author Joe Stone is a freelance writer in California who has been writing professionally since Photo Credits property image by Philip Date from Fotolia.

Accessed 07 November Stone, Joe. How to Search for Grant Deed Information. Home Guides SF Gate. Use this material carefully so that the records do not get out of order or get torn. If you find items out of order, put them in order. Sometimes the only official record to date your house is by these permit documents. Some of these records, but not all, have been scanned into a database called TOTO that is available at the Development Services Records department. Should you not find your original document during your search, it may be that it was pulled and put into the TOTO database and not returned or may be missing.

Sanborn Fire Maps, , , are located on the computers on the 9th floor at the Central Library, with original paste up books in a back room. They can also be found at the History Center. Check the , , Sanborn Fire Maps for your city. These contain drawings of the footprint of a building and show your house with changes over time. By comparing the maps from different years, you can establish an approximate date of construction and determine when and what types of additions or alterations have been made to the building and surrounding property or streetscape.

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Dating back to the late s the Sanborn Fire Maps are available on microfilm in the Newspaper Room at the Central Library the librarian has an index. They are also available online to library cardholders at Digital Sanborn Maps. Include fire map copies in your report. Newspaper Archives showing Building Permits and Notices of Completion While at the Central Library, if you know approximately when your house was built but don't know the architect or builder, request the librarian to pull microfilm and search through the San Diego Transcript for building notices or notices of completion.

Real estate sections are started appearing in the Sunday editions of the San Diego Union in the s. For areas outside of the City of San Diego, check local newspapers that were active during the period your home was constructed. Include all articles you find relating to your house in your report.

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Also check the SDHS biographical files and computerized index for further information. NOTE: For historic designation, the City of San Diego has specific criteria for important people associated with your home and most people won't rise to this level.

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Review the criteria to determine how much research you want to do for this section and use your judgment. Any information you find is valuable, so consider memorializing the past residents by including some biographical information in your report for your own information and for future residents or generations.

Otherwise, your hard work will simply be wasted or left for someone else to redo. Since the importance of the resident may change over time, it is better for posterity to include the biographies and obituaries of past residents with sources. Use the site Ancestry. You may include a copy of the biographical information in your report with proper credit given to all sources used, i. You'll also find public records such as mortgages, wills, and tax records at the County Clerk's office. Mortgage records may contain detailed descriptions of buildings.

Will and probate records may list one or more of the previous owners. Local tax records may reveal the dates of additions and improvements to property by a change in the valuation, and the file usually provides an estimated date of construction. It may also contain an older photograph of your house and perhaps other structural information. Go to efghmaps. From the USGS store, locate the property by address, then use a slide tool to go back in time for historical maps.

Download the results or take a screen shot. SITE PLAN If you don't already have a site plan from prior architectural drawings showing your property from an aerial perspective in relationship to the street with hardscape features and to scale, contact a local architect to draw this for you, as it is required for your report. Genealogy Bank this is a subscription. Enter the address and names to discover newspaper links to your house. Southwest Builder Go to the Southwest Builder website , look for your house's notice to build and notice of completion.

Written histories, journals, letters, photographs, postcards, scrapbooks are sometimes available from family members. Neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time can also be helpful. Family photographs might show the house in the background. Examine the building size and details on all four sides, including the doors, windows, roof, walls, porches, balconies, moldings, and other architectural details.

Look for original materials. Photographs of each side of the building are required in the report. If the property includes other structures, those also need to be photographed and included. You're well on your way to having your home designated. Now that you have gathered all of the documents, maps, information, and forms described above, carefully read the City of San Diego's Historical Resources Board submittal format guidelines.

Look for the forms you need in the right column. Should you need assistance, professional researchers are available for hire. SOHO looks forward to seeing your hard work come to fruition and result in the local historic designation of your property. Good Luck! Updated June 30, First, identify the property's planning area or neighborhood. Then go to the community profile page and select the planning area.

Within that profile, look for the community plan and for the survey. Once you're reading the full version of the survey document, search using the street address to find the page with the property you are researching.

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If there is no survey data with the community plan, you may need to continue searching for a prior survey or a draft survey. Permits Make an appointment to work with a records clerk to obtain any and all permits that may have been issued for the property. Before you go to your appointment, you may check for permits from home. You may also search the department's computer for permits that are available online if that helps you complete the permit search.

Besides the other places the clerk checks, ask them to search the TOTO database. If you are able to locate water and sewer records in this database, you may not need to go to the Water Department at Chollas Lake. You will need the clerk's help to access the older permits.

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The clerk will point you to a machine to review and print out the permits found. Remember to put the machine on a setting that will print with black type. You can also access the City of San Diego City Directories online through from your home computer. Scroll to the bottom to see other years available.

Check under owner's names, neighborhoods, architectural files, family scrapbooks, or aerial photographs. The Library of Congress also has catalogued 19th-century lithographs of many cities and towns.

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These provide a fairly accurate view of many buildings that existed at the time the lithographs were created. Order copies of the historic photographs you need and include them in your report with credit given to the appropriate source. If a prominent local architect designed your house, check the architectural drawing files at SDHC. Social Media Connections.