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At the same time, it is not at all necessary to transfer the ID of your tracker to the employee of the company indicated on the device case. Here is the approximate content of the letter, which will be quite enough:. Good day, dear friend. I purchased the product SinoTrack ST from you. Please register me an account and provide username and password. In response, usually within days you will be sent a login and password to log into your account on the SinoTrak website. Now we can go to the site Flash support must be activated in the browser, that is, Adobe Flash Player must be installed , enter the registration data sent to us by the seller in the authorization window, and click the Submit button.

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After logging in to the site, we advise you to change the standard password that was sent to you. To change the password, click on your login in the upper right corner of the browser window and in the opened window in the Password and RePassword fields, enter a new password.

The remaining parameters can be changed at your discretion. Then at the bottom of the window click on the button Modify. Password changed. You can proceed to the main action, namely, add a tracker by ID to your SinoTrack account. In the top navigation bar, go to the User Center tab, then among the appeared tabs, activate Asset Manage. Under the bookmarks, click the Add , a window for adding a device will open.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk:. At the bottom of the window, press the Ok button. Device added. Now you can track the location of the device and the status of the ignition on sensor let's talk about connecting the appropriate wire below in online mode via a browser.

If you wish, you can download the application from the official developer to your mobile device and also work with the tracker on your smartphone. Everything is clear with black and red wires, the orange wire is used for functions related to switching on the ignition, which are described above for example, an alarm when the ignition is turned on, different timing of signals sent about location on a vehicle and on a jammed one.

If you are not interested in these functions, then you may not connect this wire at all, you do not need to connect it together with the red one. Many are interested in the question of where to install the GPS tracker. There is only one rule: the tracker must be available to receive the GPS satellite signal. That is, it is strongly recommended to position the device so that there are no metal body parts above it.

The layer of plastic and glass, in this case, will not prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to the receiving antenna of the tracker. The rest of the installation site is not limited to anything other than your imagination, and the waterproof case allows you to expand this frame and beyond the vehicle. Hi, so there is no way I can cut fuel with this tracker? And I see this function in the settings.

Or do I use the ACC wire? Will I need to add a rely? Good day, Guman singh saini. We just posted on our site information on how to configure and use it. Good day, tahir khan. You need to contact the official seller for example, on AliExpress. It is the official seller who registers accounts in the system and links several devices into one account. It is totally insecure. Try to place de ST in a external place without metal objects over it.

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Hi, very nice and helpfull article. I have two of these ST units and I do have a question: The phone number is set with the following command yxxxxxxxxxxzzzz 1 2 or 3 where y is the country code, x the phone number and z the password But what about countries that have a double digit country code? Hope you have an answer. My SMS command is not working how do I go about it.

Should I send for reset or what. Good day, Saiful. How do I reset all configuration? I can get the same thing to work via text to my cell phone but the sinotrack pro keeps telling me the unit is off line and I have through the manual a dozen times trying different settings gs and still no luck plus another never answers any of their emails.

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Good day, ferruh. I hope that other users on this Blog and indeed the Author will be able to Help. Hello Dear, can you please tell me how can I listen from the microphone that I have fitted with tracking device. Means by which command??? Good day, Ivan isberto. Please register me an account and provide and Good afternoon, dear friend.

We are very sorry, but we do not sell products. Our site provides only information services. To register a product, please write a message to the direct seller of the goods or the official representative of the company.

Is there anyway to stop getting location in the sms after calling the tracker number. Anyone can call the tracker number and get the location by return SMS which is not good. Only control number should be allowed to do so. Working with s of businesses across various industries, geographies, fleet types and sizes, has exposed us to a lot of multilayered and complex problems that they face daily.

Through our proprietary technology, we ensure that every business benefits with lower running costs, greater security and faster turnarounds. Fleet Owners Consigners Aggregators. Manage end to end business operations for all fleet types.

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