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This collection includes indexes that can help you request the actual record, and in some cases, actual images of the death records. Use the information you find in one type of death record to seek out other death-related records. Follow your ancestors through census records and city directories. Sometimes when they disappear from these records, it can narrow their death date. Seek out the death records for all family members.

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However, is the only year of the index that provides information as to the race of the deceased person , denoting every African-American with the notation " B " for "Black". No other racial categories are noted and no other years of the state index do this. The images for these years are now being sought from the reference microfilm copies at the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton.

If they can be located, microfilm copies will be acquired, then digitized, and then put online for free public use, possibly by the end of The death index for the 's is unusual in that the records are grouped in five-year periods, and Within each grouping, they are then separated out by locality name, such as county or major city. Within each locality, they are broken down by year, as represented by the single final digit of the year, such as "4" for And finally, within each of those years inside each of those localities, the records are then listed alphabetically by surname. Note that half of the index is missing , as the New Jersey Department of Health could not locate their own copy of the information.

A copy of the missing document is being sought from the reference microfilms at the New Jersey State Archives and if found, will be digitized and put online, probably by the end of It seems unlikely that even the New Jersey State Archives has a copy of the index for these years.

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However, they do have reference microfilms of the actual death certificates for these years. In late , Reclaim The Records will be exploring legal options to see if there is any way to force the state to re-create this missing index data. These years of the death index supply only basic information, including the month and year of death, but not the exact day.

They also provide numeric locality codes for the place of death and place of residence. Use this locality code master key used by the state between to translate that code into a named location. Starting in , the state death index starts to provide the exact date of death, not just the month and year.

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Place of death and place of residence are still provided as numeric locality codes, so you'll still need to reference the state's locality key for These numbers cannot ever be legally reused once a person is deceased, so yes, it is perfectly fine to list them. The place of death and place of residence are still provided as numeric locality codes, so you'll still need to reference the state's locality key for Starting in , the state death index stops using those annoying numeric locality codes for the place of death and place of residence.

From this point on, the first four letters of the county and the first five letters of the town or city are explicitly spelled out. Another helpful change: starting in , the deceased person's exact date of birth is provided, where known. Also, the age at death will now state whether the number refers to age in years, age in months, or age in days.

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In , the state death index starts to spell out many more characters of the county name and the town or city name for both the place of death and the place of residence, not just the first few characters. This record set is only the index to New Jersey death records. If you find a name of a relative or other person of interest in this index, you can then place an order for a copy of the original death certificate, which will have much more information on it, such as the person's place of birth, the names of the person's parents and spouse, and their burial location. For copies of records from January to the present , you have more options available to you, depending on how quickly you want to receive the record, how much you want to pay, and whether or not you require a certified copy:.

If you want a non-certified record from - , you can either go to New Jersey State Archives in Trenton yourself, or you can hire a genealogist to go on your behalf, to get a non-certified print-out copy made from a reference-only microfilm. Unfortunately, the New Jersey State Archives staff are not allowed to provide this record copy to you, so you cannot order it from them by mail or phone, but you or someone else who is actually in the building can print it.

If you want a non-certified record from - , you can order a "genealogy" copy directly from the state of New Jersey , but you can only place the order by mail , and it is not expedited. You will have to provide your official identification with your order, but you won't have to prove your relationship to the deceased if the death was more than forty years ago. If you are unsure of the county of death or residence then websites like SearchQuarry. In addition to finding a death record, there are many websites that aggregate obituaries.

Obituaries should not be treated as official death records because it is possible to submit an obituary that contains information that is not factual. Unlimited Death Records Searches and Reports Your membership includes as many death records searches and death records reports as you can run.

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