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Company Corporate Trends Deals. International Business World News. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Anubhuti Vishnoi. Avnita Bir , now director-principal of RN Podar School in Mumbai , taught at the Convent of Jesus and Mary in New Delhi in the late s when she was brought in to help the siblings, who were pulled out of regular school following the assassination of their grandmother Indira Gandhi.

Bir helped them prime up on their economics in , ahead of their Class 12 board exams, which they both took in the same year. She was like the quintessential older sibling, responsible, protective and had a mature sense of wit and humour.

Deborah Penny becomes first transgender soldier on the front line in Army history

She was the more reserved of the two. She listened more, a girl of fewer words. According to Bir, Priyanka was more guarded, possibly because of the sheltered environment around them, and she had a strong sense of the family she was from and what was expected of her. However, she also used to come for school events… bonding with friends like normal girls that age and mixed warmly with classmates even though she had security around her.

What struck the teacher the most was the close bond between the siblings.

She recalls Rahul, the Congress president, as extremely well-behaved and more expressive than his sister. Read more on mumbai. Priyanka Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi. Avnita Bir. Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member.

Deborah Penny becomes first transgender soldier on the front line in Army history

HC to hear in Feb plea for action against police officials for protesting against clash with lawyers. He obviously got into all the teams of his house and I got into soccer, due to my built maybe. He was fast… really fast. He would run and I remember he would constantly ask me to measure the steps in a single stride they were 11 and a half even in the 9th.

So he won all the short races, high jump, long jump in the track and in the field he used still keep it competitive.

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This was the magic of Sandy… he would make you believe in yourself. While playing soccer, I was a back and he played forward. Even if it meant we needed to play rough against each other. He took everything he did very seriously, with great focus and determination. I remember very clearly I was defending in a match against another house, and I was clearly fouled by a senior from the 12th grade, the referee missed it, I protested and complained. I remember to stop limping after this.

He also taught, that complaining gets one nowhere, he also never did it. I was just watching with my jaw dropped. He surprised everyone on the field. He did not let the guy pass the ball except for kick it out. He used to love watching movies. He preferred English movies, and we did not miss a chance to watch once we were done with exams or on weekday holidays. It used to be a class affair, but Sandeep and I went for movies alone as well. He would know his movie trivia very well from actors to actresses. He even remembered some dialogues which he would quote at various instances.

The particular dialogue, when Jack T. When we entered the 10th, I remember we both had undergone a drastic change in our physical appearances. Hint of muscular frame was evident. He was concerned about his lean body, but he was muscular. In English we studied Language and Literature, he was strong in both. I remember, in Literature we had Julius Caesar as a work of Shakespeare, some short stories and a book of prose and poems. He knew all three very well. He did well in the ICSE examinations or the 10th board. He was also strong in Geography and History, apart from all other subjects.

He had a flair for languages and humanities. In the 10th it was the first time we were to be in the annual social event at School equivalent to a prom in any American movie , as a farewell to the outgoing students of 10th. It also happened to be the 25th Anniversary of the Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore that year, where we had an event in the Ashok — the 5 star hotel. I finally got in, and he was again there to let me in on the new class we had a mix of toppers from various ICSE schools all over Bangalore.


ISC is a tough syllabus, and the jump from 10th to the 11th was even greater. We both got into studies for some time to cope up to the level of some others in our class. Then came the 1st term exams, we had done well. Then the all familiar domain of sports started — this is a seasonal thing at FAPS. Students from the 11th grade and the 12th grade fall into a different division of their own — the Junior College.

He did extremely well.

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I remember, we had a fast runner in our school, well recognized and he was in the 12th when we were in the 11th, so being in the same division, Sandy was running the final race alongside him. We got into some of the inter-school literary fests, we bagged some awards, and our horizons were broadening.

Everything looked bigger than the previous achievements. We made new friends. These friends became special and relationships that last even till today. Who knew, he would actually get into it. In the social event that year, the 11th grades had the benefit of participating in all 3 events outgoing party for the 10th and 12th students, the welcoming of the 11th and the Alumni party.

Apart from this, we started to have parties for Birthday or other occasions of friends outside school as well. We were learning about people and relationships. He would be very particular about things like dress code, and protocols. We again quipped, this not the Army man. Once in the 12th, studies had become heavy and also some of our classmates were putting in much more efforts than normal. The time came for the announcement of the House bearers, Prefects and Captains. Sandy was unanimously chosen to be the Captain of his House and a bit surprisingly I was chosen to be the captain of my House. We both got very busy to arrange and organize various events and competitions which run through the year at FAPS.

Every competition, every award meant points on the overall tally just like Hogwarts , we were competing with each other and yet we came closer than ever. He took things very seriously, we even got into unchartered waters for us, that of singing.

US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies - GQ

Both of us were no good… I was worse, I mean I still am. But being the house captains, it was imperative we be in the choirs and the singing competition. Our music teacher at school was very supportive and he became much more than a teacher, mentor, and friend — Mr. Narayan Swamy.

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Sandy really admired him. He was as good a loser as a winner; he was dignified and is the person with best sportsmanship I have ever personally met. He could either be a part of the team doing his bit to the maximum when we were in 9th in the team or lead his team to give their maximum when the house captain. He always stood by his people. After school, we went in different directions. During 12th he had already cleared the written tests of the NDA. He wanted to do things himself, on his own capability.