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Based in Mobile, Ala. From Business: The Child Advocacy Center, also known as CAC, provides a range of counseling services and training programs to victims of child abuse and their family members. Located in Mobile, Ala. From Business: Special words and thoughts are provided to people in love for the purpose of enhancing and adding power, depth, and passion to their relationship.

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From Business: My goal is to provide clients with a safe, non-judgmental environment where self-exploration, growth, and positive change can occur. I specialize in working with…. From Business: Christian Counseling Professionals is a nondenominational Christian program staffed by Christians, each of whom is a trained counselor or psychotherapist with at…. If you do, hire an attorney quickly! We found 98 results 1 2 3 4 Next.

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Lynn Parker, M. Brought up sterilization with 23 year old and performed salpingectomy three weeks after first appointment. She only sees patients with cancer or high-risk of cancer because of her specialty. Also fairly quick and easy to get an appointment. London: [London Women's Center] No questions asked other than if I was sure I didn't want children, easy to get an appointment, everyone is very kind and helpful, accepts a wide range of insurance.

Was 22 at the time of approval. Alexandria: Dr. Baton Rouge: Dr. Sarah C. Davis, M. Amanda Pearson, M. Hammond: Dr. Brad Lake, M. Thuc B. Tran, M. Hammond has supposedly moved to California and only comes to the Hammond location 2 days per month. Lafayette: Dr. Lewis Hill, M. Monique Montielh, M. New Orleans: Dr. Paul Du Treil, M.

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Angela Parise, M. Will perform for childless young women without partners. Extremely pro bodily autonomy. Parise no longer does sterilizations on new or existing patients. Prairieville: Dr. Bunnie Jo Hill, M. Bangor: Dr. Very accepting of CF women, no bingos, knowledgeable and makes sure you know exactly what will happen start-to-finish. Great sense of humor, too; really makes you feel comfortable in your choices.

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Brunswick: Dr. Makes sure you are informed as to all of your options. Respectful of your choice, even if she may not agree. Made me wait until I was 25 before preforming surgery for her own "peace of mind" since I was young, unmarried, with no children. Dry sense of humor, but very caring. A couple of bingos but was not rude or insistent about it.

As soon as we were agreed that sterilization was happening, she was willing to preform the surgery ASAP. Ellsworth: Dr.

Eugenia Kolkas, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital - She preforms the surgery, so no secondary opinions are needed, and she performs sterilizations on women with no children pretty often. No bingos, and she makes sure that you are aware of any complications. I asked for a tubal, and she recommended the bilateral salpingectomy to reduce the chance of ovarian or cervical cancer.

Portland: Dr. Robin Noble, Intermed - She performs the surgery. Very knowledgeable and welcoming. Received no bingos, gave a thorough explanation of complications and procedures. Recommended a bilateral salpingectomy over a tubal ligation, but was understanding that I needed to consult my insurance coverage first. In my case age 26 she didn't require a waiting period. Plan to keep her as my regular GYN going forward. Baltimore: Dr. It was implied she had also performed surgery on women in their 20's. Cheverly: Dr.

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Henry Adegbulugbe, "Dr Addy". I got my tubal ligation done last week by Dr. Henry Adegbulugbe at age He offered to sterilize my partner instead 26M due to ease but didn't push when I said I was sure I wanted to be the one to have it done instead.

Cumberland: Dr. Doctor advised on statistics on how many women under 30 regret it later but did not push back when assured she would be fine. Friend is confident he would perform on someone getting it purely optionally. Frederick: Dr. Gaithersburg: Dr. Glen Burnie: Dr. Havre de Grace: Dr. Prince Frederick: Dr. Shafquat Meraj Vasectomy - does not discriminate based on age.