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However, to contact a Reunion. LinkedIn is a business database comprised of more than 20 million professionals from all over the world. Once they are registered with the site, members can include current and previous schools and colleges.

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Individuals looking to connect with former classmates can simply enter the name of the school into the site's search engine. Since LinkedIn is based on network connections, there's a chance that by finding one former schoolmate, you will automatically be hooked up with other alumni. The free portion of the membership is by far more lenient than those of alumni networks. On LinkedIn, you can also:.

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The most popular of all social networks with more million registered users, MySpace allows you to create a public or private profile and search for others, all for free. These profiles can contain any number of identifying factors about yourself including:.

To find a former classmate, simply enter any of the above mentioned factors into the site's free search. It's really that simple. If you locate a former schoolmate and his or her profile is private, simply send a message via the MySpace profile and with any luck, you will be added to his or her friend's list. Originally created to bring classmates together from high schools and colleges, Facebook now also connects former students as well. With more than 70 million registered members, Facebook is now the second most popular social network, coming in behind MySpace.

This free network allows you to join networks made up of schools, places of employment or geographic regions.

The portraits in “Reunion” deliver a visual consistency that feels both plain and profound.

It also lets you:. Basics Face Shapes. Home Dream Meanings Classmates. Dream about Classmates Meanings.

Dreaming about classmates of the same sex shows that you have a problem in interpersonal relationships. While, dreaming of classmates of the opposite sex means you are not satisfied with your friends, reflecting that you are isolated and feel lonely now. Dreaming about male schoolmates is auspicious. To dream of male schoolmates indicates that you will study hard as well as usual.

A businessman dreams of male schoolmates indicates good luck for wealth. Dream of female schoolmates indicates good luck for wealth, you may have huge income. To dream of talking with a female schoolmate indicates that you will have better luck for love.

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However, an examinee dreams of female schoolmates indicates poor test scores. An unemployed dreams of female schoolmates indicates bad luck for wealth, the dreamer should watch the time.

Dream about kissing a female classmate suggests good luck especially in money. If you are a man, the dream suggests you will get a good return from the long-term efforts. But you should modest instead of self-satisfied; if you are a woman, it means you may fail in love with someone because of certain details and live a comfortable life with surprise. Dream about primary school classmates is good.

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Everything will go smoothly for you recently. The dream about a middle school classmate suggests good luck recently, and you will beat the competitor and make a name for yourself. Therefore, this is a good dream. The dream about a high school classmate suggests you should pay special attention to interpersonal relationship coordination and you may need to offer advice or mediate between two sides of friends or colleagues in dispute, which will make your temper somewhat unstable.

The dream about a college classmate is a bad sign of marrying someone from a lower family or encountering pickpocket, robbery, etc.

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So, you should be very careful. School reunion is a wonderful thing. The dream about classmate reunion indicates you're longing for the pure friendship. On the other hand, it shows your loneliness. Also, it might suggest you are dissatisfied with the status quo and think of the good old days. Dream of attending a school reunion indicates you will have better and better luck for interpersonal relationships. At the same time, your ability to deal with things will become stronger. To dream of being together with the schoolmates of same sex at a school reunion indicates there will be something wrong in interpersonal relationships.