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What Should You Include on Your Personal Resume (CV) Website?

Helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is your passion. Jimdo makes building a personal trainer website easy.

  1. 18 Personal Website Examples to Use for Inspiration;
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  5. 15 Of The Best Personal Website Examples Around ().

Use Jimdo to reach potential employers by building your resume website. You can also visit our sites for other countries. Create a Personal Website with Jimdo Make your mark or share your story— with your very own place on the web. Create your website.

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  • How to Create Awesome Personal Website Yourself?
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  • How to start your own personal website Sign up and answer a few questions about your project. Connect your social media accounts to pull in your info and favorite photos. Choose a style, and our smart website builder puts it all together for you. Keep your free website, or upgrade to reserve a personal, custom domain. Easily edit your text or add new photos any time, without any coding.

    9+ Best Professional Personal Websites for Inspiration

    Use our SEO tools to improve your search engine ranking and track your success. Add Content Easily Click, edit, done! Gemert shows off his skill of web development in a really nice interactive, online resume. Initially, any fans of Marvel specifically, Captain America are going to love this site. She also has a nice pop up that appears when you enter the site. This is especially true when you take into consideration the fact that this site does a great job at engaging the viewer and getting them connected to the work of Larkin.

    We really like his incorporation of a mobile screenshot, something that shows off his love of being a father and his joy of life. As a master of promotion, Tim is someone you should look to when you want to learn how to get visitors to do what you want. With his personal website, he essentially uses it as a feed for his latest podcast content with some complimentary calls to action.

    • 23 of the Best Personal Websites to Inspire Your Own.
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    • He uses his main menu navigation to direct visitors to his books, podcast, and shows. The design is young, modern, and it easily links out to his social profiles on the homepage.

      2. Personal website design for blogs

      He also gets right to business with a clever contact button on the homepage, leaving little room for frustration for those who are less technologically-inclined. Stunning website that gets straight to the point. Finding an aesthetically pleasing ecommerce sight can be quite difficult, but Mcnally strikes the perfect balance between design and demand.

      This site is an excellent example of self-promotion that is authentic and real. The design should always reflect your own brand, and with all of these you can see it being done well.

      15 Of The Best Personal Website Examples Around (12222)

      Take a look at what makes you unique and look at your site as an opportunity to project that. It can be used to correct the record on something, or clear up potential confusion between you and someone with the same name. These pages would often contain links, to-do lists, and other information their author found useful. In the days when search engines were in their infancy, these pages and the links they contained could be an important resource in navigating the web.

      In the s, some amateur writers, bands and filmmakers release digital versions of their stories, songs and short films online, with the aim of gaining an audience and becoming more well-known.

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      While the huge number of aspiring artists posting their work online makes it unlikely for individuals and groups to become popular via the Internet, there are a small number of YouTube stars who were unknown until their online performances garnered them a huge audience.

      Both individual, personal web sites and personal social networking accounts give the user a personally customized Web presence. Yet that prerequisite in many cases is not required, as Web hosting services provide more help to enable regular users to create Web pages. Social networks often used prefabricated "black box" structures. On one hand, these templates are much easier for neophyte users to work with, since users simply have to add in information in spaces which indicate the required information.

      Once the user "saves" or finishes entering the information, the social network website's software system automatically creates a fairly professional-looking layout. For example, most social networks have rules regarding casual users who are uploading loading files onto the website audio files to their account. Furthermore, these companies intentionally retain the specific service's look and feel and identity of each user personal account within that corporate social network.

      For example, all profiles may have the same background color, font and website trademark. The emphasis there is on being part of a branded "network," not on the "personal," or the individual. Thus, these accounts are not normally thought of as personal web sites or home pages. There are other differences. Unlike actual personal web pages, social networking services and ad-based "free" web hosting service personnel, advertisers and nanny- bots can see everything inside the user accounts, and rules are enforced by the firm, [ citation needed ] not by the courts as would be the case with a personally owned, full-featured personal web page.

      This avenue of distribution satisfies most amateurs and aspiring content creators. Web site creation tools permitted by some companies have the potential to allow users more flexibility.

      As a rule of thumb, the amount of creative freedom one is allowed in creating a personal Web page can be predicted by the site's URL. A pure URL similar to www. But a shared-name URL similar to www.

      With more uploading and content-posting freedom comes an increased risk of copyright and defamation lawsuits, hate speech charges and other legal problems. Free hosting services do not allow users many options to customize the look of pages, because this would reduce page uniformity, thus reducing the common "look and feel" on the website, which becomes a key part of its identity and "branding". In short, if a social networking company allowed total personal freedom of content posting and profile modification for users, it also risks a degradation of its own look-and-feel, branding, function, and profit and legal risks.

      In the s, this balance of interests is leading toward more user choices and a narrowing of the differences between personal web sites and other personal web presence providers. Many celebrities from the movies , TV shows , professional sports and popular music have websites.