Where do i find my motherboard info

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  3. How do I find what computer motherboard I have?!
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  • Why would you want to know the motherboard model??
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  • Load comments. Motherboard models, however, are far easier to forget.

    Find Your Motherboard Brand and Model

    Of course, finding out what model your motherboard is can be as simple as opening your case up, as motherboards have their model name printed somewhere on them. This makes getting your model number easy without having to download any additional tools to do so. This will give you information about your computer which is useful when you want to know the minute details of the system.

    How to check your Motherboard's Model Number(Sai Computer)

    This includes the motherboard brand and model number, which will come in handy here. Viewing System Information is very easy. In this window type msinfo32 and press Enter. The System Information window will appear.

    How do I find what computer motherboard I have?

    The command line can come in use here as well. There are a few different ways to get the motherboard name and model from the command line which makes this a nice way to get the information you want. A terminal should appear. In this terminal there are a few commands you can try. Alternatively, you can get focused information about your motherboard by typing wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer for a much more focused search result, if not trickier to remember for future use!

    If you want an easy way to get the motherboard information, third-party tools can help. Even better, given how these tools are often recommended for system diagnostics, you may already have them installed!

    You may have even bought your PC with no knowledge of the motherboard model whatsoever! With a few simple tricks, however, you can easily find out this information without so much as touching your computer case. Do you always forget what motherboard model you have?

    • Check Your Motherboard Model With Windows System Information.
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    • How to Find Out What Motherboard You Have.
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