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Ko kitai merinsa diau di menua kitai,enti dibanding enggau ditu asi baka tekang emas,semina orang ke bisi meruan penatai pemisi aja ulih makai asi. Sekumbang enam bulan ke udah datai ditu, tubuh nyau kurus turun 5 kilo ketegai pemakai ke enda meruan.

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Begambar ba semak tempat endor diau baru pulai ari pasal Kesese, km ari Kampala,capital of Uganda. Gambar maia dinner ba tempat kami diau serta beserimai ngintu birthday kaban ba Cetrod Garden,Kesese,Uganda. Blog at WordPress. Tu meh gaia pemakai kami duai meyadi Jackie di Uganda, Africa.

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Ba abis dinner ba Victoria Restaurant malam keterubah. Bergambar ba mua rumah semak taman Cetrod Garden. And it is. But I needed to verbalize that step because the underlying mechanism is important.

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Why does appropriateness lead to a positive or negative evaluation? When you process stimuli quickly and easily, it feels good. And you misattribute those positive emotions to the stimulus. Suppose that you see the logo for Avon.

That exposure will activate beauty-related concepts in your network due to the perceptual and direct associations. Here, the context is beauty products. Now, in that example, you processed the font and THEN the context. But the mechanism also works in reverse. That ease will make the font feel right. This section explains which traits perform better in certain contexts. If you want more detail, Henderson et al. Designers love debating serifs vs. Based on the research, though, it seems counterproductive. Other traits play a bigger role.

Computer screens display information through a pixelated grid. Due to that box-like structure, a serif may be less identifiable. In one study, people evaluated scientific text more favorably when the font contained serifs Kaspar et al. But the values may also be reversed. Boldness may have a more negative meaning.

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Lieven et al. Since people associate a bulky stature with men, bold fonts match that visual trait. Angular shapes trigger an evolutionary threat:. Now, if context were irrelevant, then people would prefer rounded fonts over angular fonts.

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However, context DOES matter. As I explained, appropriateness is important. If your message is direct and straightforward, use a rigid typeface without any ornaments Li, The simplistic font will match the simplistic nature of the context — thus increasing fluency. Processing fluency conveys abundance and familiarity. Usually, those traits are beneficial.

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But not always. With unique products, familiarity is detrimental. The complex font became a signal for uniqueness — which was congruent and appropriate with the context. Oosterhout examined branding and perceptual characteristics. Garvey, Pietucha, and Meeker studied legibility in road signs. They found that mixed case letters are most readable. They are precise, economical, packing the page with content. Wide typefaces, by contrast, spread themselves around, using space as if it is in unlimited supply.

Likewise, tall fonts convey lightness and quickness. Other research has linked verticality with luxury Van Rompay et al. If you need to portray a luxurious product, a tall font might be a good choice. I threw a ton of info at you.

Feel free to download the PDF so that you can reference it moving forward. Want some more content? My other articles expand on the cognitive aspects of design and linguistics. You might enjoy:. First Name:. About Guides Courses.

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Font Psychology Every font has a personality. But how can you identify it? This guide will teach you the art and science of choosing fonts. Well, this article is for you.