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Sedated, Thanks for the polite and informed responses. Particularly disappointing is the absence of actionable recommendations by critics.

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Santa Clara County Prosecutor Jay Boyarsky Blacklists Reporter Susan Bassi

I have been there myself to view my own family court file. Have you gone to view a file before? Sedated Clerk: Cathy Cohen is part of a special interest group. I have been viewing files at the new courthouse since it opened. First Street, San Jose.

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There is only one room with computer terminals. It sounds like you are referring to a different, older courthouse. At the link included with this comment is video from a Sacramento whistleblower and media group of the file viewing room at the Santa Clara County Family Justice Center Courthouse. There is no microfiche machine. There is no paper file viewing area. I have, however, occasionally seen older paper files that have not yet been digitized viewed in this area at a computer station. Josh, thanks for giving the matter more visibility, but it omits some key aspects: 1.

How much money is at risk if photocopying were allowed?

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Which elected officials other than judges can effect change through budgetary leverage? Anyway, she is a reporter who has her personal divorce in Santa Clara Court and got sanctioned and vexatious. They all know who she is because once you harass them they know you. This is a bitter troll who writes at a 6th grade level. To mock a female victim of police misconduct who had her finger broken for no legitimate reason, irrespective any other circumstances, is unconscionable. Regardless, Ms. If not, please provide facts — not ad hominem invectives.

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But that is changing. Yet it is not being used. Can you guess why? Why would the courthouses and the judges want the public to know what really goes in inside the courtroom? But more importantly is the fact that the equipment for recordings is there and fully functional. How about that access to justice?

The court system and most other Santa Clara governmental agencies are set up to satisfy the needs of the adults who are supposed to be providing second to none service to the public who pay their salaries and retirements. The Court would run like a fine-tuned clock if it were not for those pesky community members seeking service! This culture of public service employee entitlement also affects many other sectors of Santa Clara public organizations.

Some public organizations like the Santa Clara School District actively seeks to deny service to community members. They hire ex-police officers to monitor whether or not community members who send their children to their school actually live within the District boundaries.

We can’t do this without your help.

The ex-police officer keeps a public record of notches on a board for every family that he successfully removes from the school roster. The saved money goes to support the nepotism and cronyism that is rampant in the Santa Clara Unified School District. See also the comment on the same page:. The Court may charge fees to access documents in the future. Thank you Marty, I do believe that this is also why files are being done electronically now because of the Odesdy system coming soon that will allow folks to obtain documents electronically, apparently tho it appears some believe this to be a conspiracy of some sort when in actuality it is to make access easier.

To each their own. Also, it appears lots of the Alameda County electronic documents still have to be gained on-site, and cannot be accessed remotely via the website. Thank you for pointing out that the the court provides complex civil litigation documents at no cost. They are low or no-income and financially disadvantaged.

So the court hits them with outrageous copy fees. Can you see the problem? I did some digging on the new courthouse. There is one room with two computers that have electronic files on them.

There is a second room for viewing paper files. So you are correct in that the electronic files can not be scanned. If it is, then time management in the wY of looking ahead 7 days can get them a waiver. The court staff wages , toner , paper, electricity. And machine maintenance are all covered for. I am a public employee with expertise in the Calif. Public Records Act. That means paper, toner, and the de minimis moments required for the clerk to stand at the copier. You can find a comprehensive guide on how to get a divorce in Santa Clara County on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the process, we will be pleased to help you. Santa Clara County Superior Court. Superior Court. Learned about Santa Clara County divorce filing? See other counties' relevant information below. Select your county. We will issue a full refund if form related issues cannot be resolved.


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The weather in Santa Clara County, California, is moderate, averaging from about 55 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 80 degrees in July. The rest of the year, the temperature is very moderate.

They let you list and search the status of cases online, but they have not digitized the documents, so you cannot download copies of e.