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Home Prisons Division Offender Search. The Idaho Department of Correction offender search database provides information about offenders currently under IDOC jurisdiction: those incarcerated, on probation or on parole. This includes a listing of felonies for which an offender is serving time.

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Names of individuals who have served time and satisfied their sentence will appear; their convictions will not. The Federal System has a very specific format for correctional ID numbers: five numbers, dash, three numbers. If you happen to know the correctional ID number of the inmate and it is similar to this format, you might want to start your research with the BOP Inmate Locator.

Also note that some inmates might be difficult to locate. For example, some online search engines are not comprehensive, or not updated with newly incarcerated people.

Supporting Offenders & Their Families

It is also possible that some inmates may be booked under a name other than their legal name or that an inmate transferred out-of-state got lost in the system and became untraceable. Please note that the more information you have about the inmate last name, first name, correctional ID number, date of birth… and the greater your chances to find their facility.

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The search engines you will find below are only for federal and state prison inmates. Most of the time, these jails have their own search engines online. Locate an inmate by visiting this page.

Federal Bureau of Prisons. Contact Information.

Find contact info, directions, and more for each correctional facility.

Inmate Locator. Alabama Department of Corrections.

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Mailing Address: S. Alaska Department of Corrections. Arizona Department of Corrections. Arkansas Department of Correction.

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Mailing Address: P. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Colorado Department of Corrections. Connecticut Department of Correction. Delaware Department of Corrections. District of Columbia Department of Corrections.

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Dress Code Visitors wearing prohibited attire will be denied. Adding Money to an Inmate's Account Money orders will be accepted through the mail and posted to the inmate's account. The money order should be made out to the correct detention facility and include the inmate's name and booking number. We accept all forms of money orders but postal money orders are preferred. Bank cashier checks will be accepted and posted only after verification has been made by the bank.

We do not accept cash or personal checks. Cash deposits to an inmate's account can be made in person at the appropriate facility.

http://www.stringrecordings.com/img/themes/butterfly-journey-from-my-cocoon.php You must have the exact money amount, as change cannot be given. We do not accept coins. Send a Care Package to an Inmate sanbernardinoca. Click Here to Shop for an Inmate Online. Other forms of bail, including equity in real property, may be accepted by the court but not by the jail California Penal Code sections Please be aware that posting bail for an inmate does not guarantee his or her release.

This indicates the inmate must remain in custody on that charge until his or her next court appearance even if bail is posted on all other charges. These are two examples of many conditions that might require us to keep an inmate in custody after bail has been posted.