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Themes featured include: the change from an agricultural and hunting existance to a trade existance by ; The Yankton relationship with non-Indians in the area; the effects of various government acts and policies such as the Dawes Act and the Indian Reorganization Act, the role of the casino on the reservation; the syncretic relationship between the Sioux religion and the Catholic church. Film documents various spiritual ceremonies and activities: the Sioux Sun Dance ceremony, use of the sacred pipe as part of the prayer ritual; the vision quest; the role of the sweat lodge; feasts where members exchange gifts.

Footage depicts drumming and dancing at a powwow, Sioux cabins and teepees, buffalo hunting, casinos on tribal land, interviews with Yankton elders and youths. The most democratic branch -- Cautionary tales -- Race -- Love and death -- Politics -- Civil liberties -- Constitutional futurology, or what are courts good for? Ancient Athenian maritime courts by Edward E.

Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady, ; translated and edited by A. Van Laer, archivist, Division of Archives and History. The present The records of the Court for the intervening period, during which the province of New Netherland passed from Dutch to English control and Beverwyck became Albany, are missing.

For minutes of the earlier Court cf. Beverwyck, N. The said election shall be held at the regular voting places in said district between the hours of 8 a. The ballots for the election will be so worded that those approving the issuance of said bonds shall make an X in the square opposite the word 'For' and those opposing shall make an X opposite the word 'Against. This notice was signed by the county judge of Johnson county and by all five of the members of the board of education of this Van Lear graded school district, and a copy of it was published in the May 10th issue of the Paintsville News, a newspaper of general circulation in this school district, there being no newspaper published in the district, and six copies thereof 12x12 inches in size were posted by the chairman of the board, one upon the bulletin board of the school and the others at five public and conspicuous places within the school district 15 days next before this election.

The general election laws of this commonwealth do not provide for any notice of elections, as they are held at stated times fixed by statutes of which every one must take notice. In the giving of notice of this election it is evident that these parties proceeded under section , Ky.

Thus we have an election called and held upon and pursuant to the notice set out above, but for which there is no statutory provision whatever regarding notice. We could not uphold an election held without notice of any kind, for some sort of reasonable notice must be given, but we now hold that the notice given in this case was reasonable and is sufficient.

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See Gollar v. City of Louisville, Ky. In Wilkerson v. City of Lexington, Ky. Section , Ky.

See Clark v. By section , Ky.

But, if it were shown this election was not held at the time fixed by law, the result would not be disturbed, in the absence of evidence that the result was affected thereby. Cochran et al. Hays et al. Likens, Ky. Law Rep. Leathers, 5 S. Graham, 68 S. Caudill, Ky.

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The appellant attacked the manner in which the election was held and the question was submitted, but there is no proof on this score. If appellant wished to sustain this objection, he should have had here a copy of the ballot, which would have been the best evidence of how the question was submitted. It is admitted an election was held on May 11, , and, in the absence of some evidence of irregularities, it will be presumed it was regularly held by the proper officers at the proper time and that the question was properly submitted.

The election commissioners certified they had canvassed the votes cast and with the following result:. Total Number of ballots counted as valid When that was not practical, the steps would be covered with a ramp with railings, with Roosevelt using his arms to pull himself upward. When traveling by train, Roosevelt often appeared on the rear platform of the presidential railroad car. When he boarded or disembarked, the private car was sometimes shunted to an area of the railroad yard away from the public for reasons of security and privacy.

When Roosevelt's train used a ramp and the president was on a publicly known trip, he insisted on walking on the ramp no matter how difficult. Journalist John Gunther reported that in the s, he often met people in Europe, including world leaders, who were unaware of Roosevelt's paralysis. The Secret Service commonly destroyed photographs they caught being taken in this manner; however, there were occasional exceptions.

When Roosevelt addressed the Congress in person on March 1, , about a month before his death, he made public reference to his disability for almost the first time in 20 years. The organization initially focused on the rehabilitation of victims of paralytic polio and supported the work of Jonas Salk and others that led to the development of polio vaccines. Today, the March of Dimes focuses on preventing premature births, congenital disabilities, and infant mortality. Because he founded the March of Dimes, a dime was chosen to honor Roosevelt after his death.

The Roosevelt dime was issued on January 30, Roosevelt's center at Warm Springs operates today as the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation , a comprehensive rehabilitation facility operated by the state of Georgia. For paralytic polio in Roosevelt's age group, an annual incidence of 1. The paralytic polio rate was derived from the exceptionally severe polio epidemic that struck New York City in , to tilt the odds in favor of polio. The prior probability of paralytic polio in Roosevelt's age group in the United States in was likely much lower because paralytic polio was at one of its lowest ebbs in the Northeastern region of the country at that time.

Two of eight symptoms favored polio, with the posterior probability of polio shown for each:.

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The two-week interval before the onset of his neurological illness was in keeping with both the incubation period of poliomyelitis, [2] : 13—30 and with exposure to an infectious agent leading to GBS. In and , Roosevelt had illnesses compatible with Campylobacter jejuni , a major causative agent of GBS. It has been stated that Roosevelt may have been predisposed to paralytic polio by genetic inheritance. However, Roosevelt was not a "boy in a bubble". He had many possible exposures to polioviruses before Most polio cases are asymptomatic or a mild illness. Yet those asymptomatic individuals can transmit the viral infection.

Roosevelt's symptoms are typical of GBS, not of paralytic polio, so they overwhelm the initial prior probability. A book argued that a lumbar puncture was done, based on excerpts from an "unpublished note" by Dr. Levine of the Harvard Infantile Paralysis Commission. The book stated, "Levine's private note indicates that Dr. Lovett did examine the cerebrospinal fluid and knew very well that a high level of white blood cells was consistent with poliomyelitis If Lovett had discovered a low white blood cell count, he would have doubted that poliomyelitis was the cause of Roosevelt's illness.

Yet Lovett wrote George Draper that "I thought [the diagnosis] was perfectly clear as far as the physical findings were concerned. A book finally published the note. Based on the full text, the note was not found to support the idea that a spinal tap was performed, because:. Even if a spinal tap had been performed, it would have been done at the earliest about 15 days after the onset of the neurological illness, around when Lovett first saw Roosevelt One should keep in mind that the classical distinction between paralytic polio and GBS, the concentrations of leukocytes and total protein in CSF, blurs after the first several days of the onset of paralysis in both diseases.

And it is unlikely Roosevelt's physicians would have tried human serum injections into the CSF, or that such injections would have helped. Lovett did not think the injections were useful, and there were alarming meningeal symptoms associated with them, probably secondary to the formation of antigen-antibody complexes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Roosevelt exiting a car during a campaign trip to Hollywood, California Roosevelt walking with assistance toward the dedication ceremony for the home of Woodrow Wilson Main article: March of Dimes.

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Main article: Warm Springs Historic District. The Roosevelts: An American Saga. Journal of Medical Biography. Retrieved EHDP Press. The Roosevelts: An Intimate History. New York: Alfred A. Roosevelt: diagnosis, clinical course, and rehabilitation from poliomyelitis". Am J Phys Med Rehabil.

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Retrieved Aug 12, Wayne Clough November Fresh Air. November 25, Roosevelt in Retrospect. December 17, The Making of Franklin D. Roosevelt: Triumph Over Disability.