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The hunger strike has ended, Walker said. Lancaster said state corrections officials have implemented a pilot program to help ICON inmates assimilate into the general prison population and to address the negative impacts of long-term isolation.

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Lancaster bristles at claims that ICON and solitary confinement are inhumane and unnecessary. ICON inmates do have exercise and shower hours scheduled each week, Lancaster points out, and a nurse checks in on prisoners every day. Chaplains also make the rounds. Corrections officials denied an Indy request to interview McBride in person, so we corresponded via handwritten letters. Administrators also denied our requests to visit a solitary cell and interview an ICON prisoner in person. Anthony Graves is upbeat. He's friendly, quick to return a phone call and gracious with his time.

Graves would know about time: He spent 18 years in prison in Texas, at least a decade in solitary confinement. In Texas, all death row inmates are held in isolation. He was convicted as an accomplice in the murder of six people, including four children, and sentenced to death.

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In , he was released after prosecutors acknowledged what Graves' family and several college journalists had been saying for years: No forensic evidence tied Graves to the Somerville, Texas, murdersand the case relied on the testimony of the actual killer. That person, Robert Earl Carter, was executed in , and before his death offered sworn testimony that he lied when he named Graves an accomplice.

But it took another decade before Graves was finally released for a crime the state now says he did not commit. Graves was 26 when he entered his cell. Now he's In between, his children grew up without him, and he missed the birth of his grandchildren. During his incarceration, Graves languished in a 8-byfoot cell much like McBride's. Equipped with a single window, Graves could glimpse the sky if he stood on his bed.

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The cell was equipped with a shelf large enough for a radio or a typewriter. Graves told the Indy his time in solitary changed him. It's difficult for him to socialize, and he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He spent the interminable hours writing pleas for help, a ritual that he credits with preserving his sanity. If I was to think in those terms, I probably would have lost my mind.

Every year, those walls get a little closer around you. You start feeling claustrophobic. My thing is, I was wondering when is this ever going to end? Am I going to walk out on my own or am I going to go out in a box? Graves, who testified on solitary confinement before a U. Senate subcommittee in June, calls his time in solitary "the worst inhumane treatment that a man can give another man. American prisons need fundamental reforms, Graves says, starting with rehabilitation.

Provide education for prisoners, he says, so they are high-functioning members of society when they are released. Solitary confinement falls far short of that goal, according to Graves. In June, Sen. Durbin grilled Charles Samuels Jr. A life-size replica of an isolation cell, spare and gray, sat in the corner of the committee room. It was a landmark hearing for solitary confinement opponents, who note Durbin's subcommittee was one of the first to consider prison reform as a human rights issue.

Samuelswho reported roughly 7 percent, or more than 15,, federal inmates are held in isolationlater conceded prolonged isolation poses risks for prisoners. It's not the "preferred option," he acknowledged. Durbin, who opposes solitary confinement, said the federal prison system needs policy changes to address this type of punishment. The number of prisoners being sent to solitary confinement skyrocketed in recent decades. A report from the national law think tank Vera Institute of Justice indicated the number of prisoners held in segregation surged 40 percent between and In , more than 40 states operated a form of supermax housing. North Carolina does not run a supermax, although it does operate a similar "maximum control" unit in a Butner institution, Walker said.

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Prison leaders often argue isolated confinement is used for the most dangerous inmates who cannot assimilate into the general prison population. But critics say it's cases like McBride and his fellow kitchen protesters that are the norm: using prolonged isolation as a method of control or punishment for relatively minor prison offenses. In one notable case in Virginia, Rastafarian inmates were sent into isolation because they refusedon religious groundsto shave and cut their hair in compliance with a policy change.

Some spent years in isolation, and at least one man spent a decade in solitary confinement. Stephen Soldz, an influential Massachusetts clinical psychologist and solitary confinement expert, says the "vast majority" of segregated prisoners are isolated as a disciplinary measure, not because they are a threat to other inmates or prison staff. Soldz, who served as a consultant in Guantanamo Bay trials, generated media attention in when he called for the American Psychological Association to forbid its members from participating in interrogations that included the use of prolonged solitary confinement.

The APA later issued a resolution stating its opposition to torture. Soldz says the practice is especially dangerous in a prison, where many inmates are already mentally ill. They're less in control, so it causes the situation to keep them in isolation. It's so barbaric. Mental illness is a key component of the solitary confinement debate. A U. Department of Justice study reported 56 percent of inmates in state prisons have some form of mental illness. In federal prisons, it was 45 percent; 64 percent in local jails. To the north, that narrative is less consistent.

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A spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety told BuzzFeed some 3, inmates have been evacuated, but did not give specifics. Those left behind could face any number of scenarios. Prisons are already compromised by climate change — extreme heat has killed inmates in recent years — and hurricanes are no different. Passing over warmer-than-average waters has allowed Florence to supercharge and gain in size. Forecasters are now concerned that the storm will be reminiscent of Hurricane Harvey in that it will slow down and unleash a torrent of rain once it arrives.

For those in prison facilities, that scenario could be a nightmare. When Harvey hit Texas last August, inmates reported horrifying conditions. Cells flooded and sewage came pouring in , while prisoners went without water and endured food shortages. In New Orleans, thousands of incarcerated people were abandoned as Hurricane Katrina arrived in Low-end equipment would not be upgraded unless a serious incident occurred. Yes No. You are placed in a dangerous environment and although many of your fellow officers may have your back the administration staff does not. Administration staff seems to look for reasons to issue write ups.

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I worked with DPS for approximately 9 yrs and although I have never received a write up I witnessed this happened over and over to many officers. Ego driven power hungry administration staff. Care to share? Help people considering your employer. Share your experience. Correctional officers are not respected by supervisors and administrators. Salary is pathetic especially when compared to the environment in which you work. Recruitment standards have been lowered by state leadership to keep pay low and attract warm bodies to fill positions.

For people in prison, hurricanes have outsized implications.