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Most services will provide you some of the essentials such as address and family details. Others may include educational history as well as social media accounts.

Of course, the prices of these services will vary. Blurred out photo, age, previous address cities, possible friends and relatives, phone number hints, social media profiles. InfoTracer is an online platform designed to allow users to perform comprehensive background checks on people. The service was founded in and has grown into one of the most popular background check services, allowing you to obtain hard-to-find information — from criminal records to birth and residence records to court cases.

It offers you the option to get a one-time paid report or a monthly subscription package that lets you perform background checks and obtain unlimited reports. Arrests, parole violations, warrants, probation records, police records, incarcerations, probation records, felonies, marriage records, divorce records, conviction, misdemeanors, evictions, small claims, bankruptcies, tax liens, legal judgments, contract disputes, lawsuits, property liens, DUI, accidents, speeding tickets, criminal driving violations, speeding tickets.

Boasting to have provided two billion records and growing , RecordsFinder has grown into a reputable background check service.

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With the service, you can obtain criminal, civil, and driving records of any subject within the US. Well organized and chronological reports, Quite a wide range of information provided, Provides detailed financial records data, Supports both Android and iOS Smartphones applications. Founded in , InstantCheckmate is a trendy online-based data provider that promises its clients detailed and useful information on almost everyone.

It promises personal information that includes phone numbers and addresses, arrest records, and even professional licenses, among other many records. By aggregating records of the public from a wide range of federal, state, and local database, InstantCheckmate is able to gather information and present it in an easy-to-read format. The information, website, and technology used to generate and organize the data from InstantCheckmate are described as accurate and being improved on a daily basis for the clients to get as much value as they could. People search, white pages lookup, arrest records search, public records search, reverse address lookup, email lookup, reverse phone lookup.

Based in New York, BeenVerified is a public record check service that scours hundreds of sources to provide background information on a person. It claims to offer people affordable access to any public information, which it collects by aggregating social media profiles, criminal histories, phone numbers, and addresses.

Full name and age, recent and history of addresses, phone numbers, aliases, maiden name, relatives and associates, properties and home value, email addresses and social network search, lawsuits, criminal records, felonies, misdemeanors, charges and case number, offenses, arrest details, filing date, deposition. The service is flexible and incredibly fast. It also provides a premium user experience with an easy-to-use interface and detailed FAQ for those that encounter issues during their time with the website.

The background check service also offers detailed reports, which make it easy to hone in on a target. It paints a complete picture of their education, employment experience, civil activities, financial responsibility, commercial and public records where they were named along with any criminal history or activity. Criminal background checks are most often used for purposes of employment or government agency clearance. In this way, a company protects itself by finding out everything it can about a potential new hire.

The most important reason is to keep your employees, your clients, and your business safe.

Background Checks Include:

Performing a background check is mandatory in many situations where an employee will have responsibility for protecting the safety of others such as in a school, courthouse, hospital, financial institution, airport, or the government. Since it is quite common for potential employees to lie on their resumes, you want the whole picture before signing them into service. Performing a simple free background check on every candidate before hiring can potentially save thousands of dollars and a lot of liability.

Another quite common purpose for a criminal background check is rental of property. A landlord can see your address history and if there are any tenant infractions or citations against you to make sure you are going to be a good tenant.

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A criminal background check is thus essential for landlords. When you perform a comprehensive free background check on someone, you will have access to a lot of free public records and information. Some of the potential things you will see are:. Things that will not be on the report are medical and mental health records. If the person is currently taking prescriptions, you will not have access to that information.

Consumer activists dispute the need of free background checks for these two tests and consider them an invasion of privacy.

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If you do intend to perform all background checks manually, you must be aware of the following:. You can certainly perform a free background check on your own but doing so can be time-consuming, costly, and leave you legally vulnerable. Be sure to get proper authorization from the employee or potential candidate with signature to cover yourself.

Thankfully there are a variety of online services to do an online background check where you can pay a small fee to have the entire background check processed for you and with a few clicks you can get all the information you need, quickly and easily. However like with anything, you have to be careful witch an online background check. There are good and bad online background check services out there offering different levels of expertise and quality of service. We have compiled this chart below to help you make an informed, responsible decision about online background checks. Some of the important things to look for when searching for the right online database system to choose for your background checks are:.

Regardless of what service you use, make sure you have the proper authorization if you need to comply with FCRA. With most of the services, your initial search will show some results so you can identify if it is the correct person. A free background check will show you the history, relatives, age and sometimes address history along with any aliases.

You will need a paid subscription to get access to all of the detailed information in their database. Information will vary by service, but some of the information you can expect is:. The most common way to do a free background check search online is a combination of name and current address. However services do offer a variety of other ways to search for people, they are:. Performing a free background check can be tricky if you use the information for purposes of hiring, firing or eliminating someone from an opportunity for housing or rentals.

Before doing any preliminary work of free background checks, check your state laws.

In some states, obtaining information on criminal convictions or credit histories is prohibited. Some states disallow the use of motor vehicle records pre-screening for employment purposes. Best Background Check Services. Top Background Check Services of Reviewed. Read Review. FCRA Accredired User-friendly, good support.

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FCRA Compliant:. Name, age, phone number, email, addresses, VIN Check, license plate. Easy to use, impressive support. FCRA Compliant :. Name, address history, known relatives, social media information. User-friendly, great support. No free report. Easy to use, fairly good support. Easy to use, poor support. What is a Background Check?

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Why Background Checks are Done? Background Checks For Tenant Screening Another quite common purpose for a criminal background check is rental of property. Many will also verify academic credentials, past employers and run a credit check. Small financial firms can be more subjective, federally-insured banks less so. Federally-insured banks are prohibited from hiring anyone with a history of theft, embezzlement, money laundering or dishonesty, under Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act FDIA.

Firms that sell and trade securities are excluded from hiring applicants who have any felony, criminal convictions or have been convicted of misdemeanors involving acts of dishonesty. It depends on the firm and how you position it, says Dyer. The bigger the institution, the more black and white they are likely to be. Smaller firms are typically more subjective.