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Identify and protect any privileged, confidential, or trade secret materials that the agents have reviewed and seized. Inform agents of potentially privileged materials and request that such documents be segregated and kept under seal until privilege disputes are resolved.

Quickly communicate with the lead prosecutor to ensure that a separate "taint team" is established to review the protected materials. Step 8. Track and inventory all seized or produced records. To the extent possible, create a log to track all materials that end up in the government's possession, and make a copy of all records seized by or produced to the government. If possible, make copies of any materials that are necessary for ongoing business operations before the agents remove such documents from the premises. If agents insist on taking documents critical for business operations, use outside counsel to contact the lead prosecutor to negotiate a speedy return of such materials.

Step 9. Conduct debriefings with employees and memorialize the government's search activities. In the aftermath of a search warrant, the company is likely to initiate an internal investigation. Whether or not an internal investigation ensues, the company should conduct a privileged debrief with employees involved in the search warrant about their interactions with the government.

Document these interactions under the attorney-client privilege and work-product doctrine , as well as other actions or statements made by agents during the course of the search. Step Notify employees of document preservation obligations.

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Determine your company's status in the government's investigation. If your company appears to be the subject or target of the investigation, draft and distribute a document preservation notice internally. For further information, please contact your principal Firm representative or one of the lawyers listed below. General email messages may be sent using our "Contact Us" form, which can be found at www. Charles M. Theodore T. Richard H. Karen P. Cheryl L.

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Importantly, this analysis is limited to private sector employees, rather than employees of a public entity. See Garrity v.

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Managing Employees The government's overall plan for executing a search warrant often includes a strategy for employee interviews. They should be taken seriously. Even if an agent jokes or tries to develop a rapport with the witness, the employee should know that the agent could be recording every word, either overtly or covertly. An employee is not obligated to speak with any government agent and is generally well advised not to do so before consulting with counsel. Recent case law, however, suggests that employees who initially cooperate during a search may face additional scrutiny if they subsequently refuse to answer certain questions posed by government agents.

Texas , there is a heightened risk for both the company and the cooperating employee if the employee chooses only to answer certain questions or otherwise partially participate in a government-led interview. Given the perils associated with employee interviews, a company should strongly consider having counsel available for employees to consult with during the execution of a search warrant.

Employees have the right to consult with an attorney before and during any interview with investigators, and it is generally prudent for employees to discuss with counsel their rights, obligations, and risks before talking with government investigators. If an employee agrees to an interview with a government agent, it is imperative that he or she only provide truthful, non-misleading answers.

Intentionally providing false statements to a federal agent is a felony. For example, the government may believe the mistaken answers of an unprepared, frightened employee were, in fact, intentional. Moreover, whether intentional or inadvertent, everything that an employee says to the federal agent can be used against him or her, and often against the organization, in a future prosecution.


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Lawyer Contacts For further information, please contact your principal Firm representative or one of the lawyers listed below. Attachments Expecting the Unexpected. Additional Contacts. WHY Jones Day? Search warrants are executed by law enforcement without any notice to the target or time to prepare a response. Alternatively, the Government may believe the company merely possesses evidence of criminal conduct by some other individual or entity.

Below are steps companies should take proactively to minimize corporate risk in the event of a search warrant. Experienced counsel can tailor these plans to your business to best protect both your company and its employees.

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You should educate your search warrant response team on the following procedures:. Or the oath or affirmation may be accomplished by telephone or other audio method if done in a way that allows the judge to confirm identity, such as by having the call made through a known law enforcement telephone number with a verifiable badge number given by the officer requesting the warrant.

See, e. If the judge accepts a request for warrant by remote means, the judge must ensure that the sworn statement of facts offered in support of the warrant is reduced to writing to be served along with the warrant. And if the judge issues the warrant by remote means, the judge must file a duplicate original warrant with the court and the affiant may request that the warrant and affidavit be sealed upon an adequate showing under Rule NMRA.

Paragraph B was amended to require that the warrant include the date and time of its issuance. All duplicate originals shall reflect the date and time as indicated by the judge. Any signatures required under this rule by the judge or affiant may be by original signature, a copy of an original signature, a computer generated signature or any other signature otherwise authorized by law. Defendant also contends that Judge Blackmer relied on an unrecorded conversation between Judge Blackmer and….

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