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Earl Scruggs

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Earl Scruggs

They deal with it and learn from their mistakes. Putting all your eggs in one basket such as depending on a single sports show to be able to make ends meet is a huge mistake. This is what fuels growth. I am glad that the people pulling out are standing up for their rights everyone's actually. Earl Scruggs was the first I listened to. I try to make my banjo sound as much like the sound of the words as I can. With dark sideburns and hefty-Elvis looks, Nathan is now the lead singer and mainstay of the Clinch Mountain Boys, the band formed long ago to accompany the Stanley Brothers. Nathan first appeared onstage at the Grand Ole Opry in , when he was two.

A lot of artists go with the flow. You almost have to be born with it. To this day, Ralph is disinclined to talk about himself much. Jimmi calls him Poker Face. No put-on. Never practiced much. Doc Watson was blind and lost his son, Merle, in a tractor accident. Bill Monroe lost both parents before he was twenty, nearly died in a car wreck, and at least once had to duck a Bible hurled onstage at him by an irate woman.

I was there. In their twenty years of touring together, Carter sang lead and cracked jokes. Ralph had the more unusual voice, which made for rich harmonies and a haunting mountain sound. I liked his voice and the way he phrases. Life on the road was rarely dull.

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