What comes up on a criminal background check

This data is compiled as a report, and everything is structured in specific categories so that business recruiters can pinpoint key background information during the hiring process.

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On an average background file, a recruiter can review information about:. However, if someone gives an employee permission to access this information, a background check will include this information. For example, if someone filed for bankruptcy, this information will be included in the credit report. Other things are also featured in the credit report section, such as loan information and all accounts that were placed for collection.

Since all states have unique laws, the rules and regulations for driving records are different.

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Also, the laws in certain states give employers permission to gather driving records for specific job positions. In most cases, regional driving data is typically compiled within a year span. Business recruiters can conduct background checks in order to gather information about tickets that were issued to potential retail, hotel, or restaurant employees. Local recruiters can run background checks to pinpoint the best volunteers as well.

Q&A: What’s Included in an Employment Background Check?

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  7. CA PI TN PI Some of the more thorough criminal background checks may include any available information about international warrants and arrests too. It is important to note that some states prevent criminal background checks from displaying certain information about criminal records.

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    For instance, California only allows records to show convictions, not arrests. In addition to criminal background checks, many sites also offer nanny background checks, employee background checks and online dating background checks , which are specifically tailored to certain types of people. These background checks can also contain information about criminal history, since it is important to know if a potential online date has a history of violent crime. Top Ten Reviews has ranked some of the most popular background check services and reviewed them so you can find the service and search that is right for you.