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Mayberry, Myla G. Law Firm of Kelly M. Heitkamp Magrill, Longview, TX In Texas, there is a minimum sixty-day waiting period between the date the divorce is filed and the date the divorce can be granted. In an uncontested case, you can likely have your divorce granted close to the sixty-day mark. In a contested case, especially a case involving a custody battle, it will likely take a minimum of three to four months and it is not unusual for it to take significantly longer.

Each county requires both parents to take a co-parenting class prior to the entry of the final divorce decree. Information for the other classes in other counties can be obtained by contacting other counties. They can be contacted at The registration form can be downloaded here.

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You can pre-register at The co-parenting class is also offered online: www. Spousal maintenance and contractual alimony are complex and are best addressed by an experienced family attorney. Child support is calculated based on the number of children involved, the total number of children which the parent has a duty to support, and the net resources of the parent paying child support.

Texas imposes a minimum day waiting period after the divorce is granted by the Court. Certainly; however, a person representing him or herself in a family court case is charged with knowing the Texas Family Code, the Rules of Evidence, the Rules of Procedure, the local court rules, and any other applicable law.

If you choose to represent yourself, you need to know that the attorney representing your spouse or ex-spouse will treat you no differently than they would treat another attorney.

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An amicus attorney is an attorney appointed by the Court to represent the best interest of your children. The amicus attorney will meet with you, the other party or parties, and the children, as well as visit with any persons with relevant information. The amicus will then make a recommendation to the Court regarding the best interests of the child ren in the suit, including appropriate orders for possession and access and necessary injunctive language.

In almost every contested custody case and in most contested property cases, the Court will require the parties to attend mediation. A mediator is a neutral third-party, most often an attorney, who has received specialized training in helping opposing parties settle their legal issues. The majority of cases settle some, if not all, of the issues in the case. This, of course, frees up court time and allows cases to come to a more speedy resolution.

It also allows the parties to be involved in the final outcome, brainstorming original solutions to their disputes. I have read the disclaimer.

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