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Click Start , right-click Computer , and select Properties. Scroll down on the System Properties window to view the Windows activation status information.

Your Windows version

If you want to activate over the phone, click Activate Windows now , click See other ways to activate , and follow the on-screen instructions. Type the product key into the Product Key field, click Next , and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation. You are done. Activate Windows 7 using System Recovery If your computer came with Windows 7 installed, you can use System Recovery instead of activating Windows online or over the telephone.

This restores Windows 7 to its original factory condition, which is pre-activated by default. Activate Windows 7 after using System Recovery After performing a System Recovery, or re-installing Windows 7, it should not be necessary to repeat the activation process. There are several different recovery situations to consider.

If the computer shipped with Windows 7 and the Recovery Manager is functional, then use the Recovery Manager to restore the computer to its default factory conditions.

Attempting to activate Windows XP in August 2017

Windows 7 is automatically activated. If the computer shipped with Windows 7 but the Recovery Manager is not functional, use the Recovery disc to restore the computer to its default factory conditions. If the computer shipped with an earlier version of Windows but included an upgrade disc for Windows 7 provided by HP, you should recover the computer back to its default factory conditions and then upgrade again to Windows 7. If the computer shipped with an earlier version of Windows and you upgraded or custom-installed a full retail version of Windows 7, you should use the Microsoft DVD to re-install Windows 7.

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  • Windows XP Product IDs.

If the computer shipped with Windows 7 and the Recovery Manager is not functional, but you have not created the recovery discs, you can order a Windows 7 Recovery DVD. It may be necessary to contact Microsoft to activate Windows 7. Windows Vista product activation You might be prompted to activate Windows Vista. Normally, activation in Windows Vista is done automatically on HP and Compaq Desktop computers, but some conditions turning off the computer during Windows setup, for example can cause a Windows Activation message to be displayed.

When this happens, Windows Vista requires activation or a System Recovery. If you can still use the Windows Vista desktop, click Start , right-click Computer , and select Properties to view the status of Windows Activation. Scroll down on the System Properties window to view the status information. If you can still open Windows Vista, you might be able to download a software update that can resolve this issue.

If computer Windows Activation screens still continue or you were not able to update your computer, the rest of this information can help you activate or recover your computer. There are three ways to activate Windows Vista: by broadband connection, by dial-up modem or by Automated Phone System voice. The first two methods require an Internet connection and the last method requires a voice telephone to dial a toll-free number.

The Automated Phone System might take several minutes due to the number of digits that need to be entered. Use the following steps to activate a computer when the Windows Product Activation message opens. Before starting, if you have a broadband Internet connection, make sure the network cable is connected to the computer. If you have a dial-up modem Internet connection, make sure a phone line is connected to the modem connection on the computer.

From the Windows Activation window, click Type a different product key. Enter the product key number into the product key field and then click Next. This number can be found on a Certificate of Authenticity label adhered to the side of the computer's case. If product activation was successful, a success screen is shown and Windows Vista setup continues.

Click Show me other ways to activate , and then click Next. If a modem is connected , use the following sub-steps to activate over the modem:. Make sure the phone line is not in use, click Use my modem to connect directly to the activation service , and then click Next. If product activation is not successful, you are returned to a previous screen. Repeat these steps using the automated phone system or perform a system recovery.

To use the automated phone system, click Use the automated phone system from the How do you want to Activate? To find available phone numbers for activation, select a location near you from the drop-down menu, and then click Next.

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Find Your Windows Product Key the Easy Way

If a phone is not near the computer, get paper and a pencil to write down the installation IDs and confirmation IDs. Follow the instructions from the phone system to enter the installation ID numbers and write down the confirmation ID numbers. Enter the confirmation ID numbers into the fields A through H, in the same sequence as the phone system provided them. When done, click Next. For more information about Windows Vista activation, please refer to the Microsoft support article You might be prompted to activate Windows Vista on a computer on which Windows Vista was already activated by a Volume License or OEM installation in English.

When you try to activate your computer online, using the product key, you are prompted to call the Microsoft Activation call center. The appropriate regional phone number displays.

HP Desktop PCs - Windows 7, Vista, XP Product Activation | HP® Customer Support

User is prompted to carry out product activation at the time of setup or use. Windows XP allows user continous usage for 30 days without executing product activation. User can select the method of activation - through Internet or by telephone. Confirmation is automatic when user selects Internet for product activation.

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For product activation by telephone, user calls Microsoft toll-free, advises the install ID on the screen to the operator and types a confirmation ID to complete the activation procedure. The product activation of the software is then successfully completed. Note: Product activation is also required when upgrading the operating system to Windows XP. Then follow the steps below to activate Windows XP with the respective methods. Note: Activation of Windows XP through dial-up connection when there's no agreement with an Internet Service Provider is possible by dialing the free dial number as long as proper settings of the modem have been made.

Then, select a country to display the telephone number to dial for the activation. For more information, please refer to the following solutions in Microsoft's technical support website. How do I register a Sony product?