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Who was this? Didn't leave a message. I called the number back and got a recording. I had the option to be placed on the do not call list. This no. These people. This just rude! Robocall, location shows as Portland, us. No listing on switchboard. Suspect a spoofed Calling-ID. I feel this may be a pyramid scam, selling a product and wants money up front. Caller identified herself as Amber last name was on the phone search - Shoaf. Called my husband today, that call was dropped and when he called me back within 10 seconds , this number appeared instead of his mobile number.

We are in the area code, so I took the call. When I called it back got the "non-working number" error. Very strange. Have got rings with this wireless mobile no. Made my phone ring, no message. Checked caller log and this is the first instance of a call from this number, Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed.

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Comments on this paper are invited to help guide future research and revisions of the accompanying map. The earthquake hazard in the United States has been estimated in a variety of ways since the initial effort by Ulrich see Roberts and Ulrich , In general, the earlier maps provided an estimate of the severity of ground shaking or damage but the frequency of occurrence of the shaking or damage was not given.

Abstract Presentations from the AABB Annual Meeting San Diego, CA ctober 7‐10, 2017

Ulrich 's map showed the distribution of expected damage in terms of no damage zone 0 , minor damage zone 1 , moderate damage zone 2 , and major damage zone 3. The zones were not defined further and the frequency of occurrence of damage was not suggested. Richter and Algermissen estimated the ground motion in terms of maximum Modified Mercalli intensity.

Richter used the terms "occasional" and "frequent" to characterize intensity IX shaking and Algermissen included recurrence curves for various parts of the country in the paper. Drawing on Ulrich Beck's theory of "freedom's children", the present contribution examines contemporary concerns about educating young people for citizenship as well as educating them about citizenship. Under the first theme, the author focuses on the citizen as learner, highlighting some of the gender- and class-related inequalities that are typically associated with individualisation.

Under the second theme, she looks at the learner as citizen in view of the fact that citizenship education courses often prepare learners for a gender-divided world - even though the processes of individualisation have themselves significantly reshaped contemporary gender relations. In light of current challenges facing citizenship education, the study concludes by reflecting on gender-related dimensions of individualisation and their implications for democracy and the learner-citizen. Freedom's Children: A gender perspective on the education of the learner-citizen.

Under the second theme, she looks at the learner as citizen in view of the fact that citizenship education courses often prepare learners for a gender-divided world — even though the processes of individualisation have themselves significantly reshaped contemporary gender relations. The primary objective of this study was to compare some of the bibliometric indicators of the continuity, circulation and productivity of the Revista Espanola de Quimioterapia up to with other spanish journals of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

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Pyroelectricity in Polycrystalline Ferroelectrics. The first reference to pyroelectric effect is by Theophrastus in BC, who noted that tourmaline becomes charged because it attracted bits of straw and ash when heated. Tourmaline's properties were reintroduced in Europe in by Johann George Schmidt, who also noted the attractive properties of the mineral when heated. Pyroelectricity was first described by Louis Lemery in In , Linnaeus first related the phenomenon to electricity, although this was not proven until by Franz Ulrich Thodor Aepinus.

In , Sir David Brewster gave the effect the name it has today. William Thomson in and Voight in helped develop a theory for the processes behind pyroelectricity. Pierre Curie and his brother, Jacques Curie, studied pyroelectricity in the s, leading to their discovery of some of the mechanisms behind piezoelectricity. Is the cosmopolitanization of science emerging in China?

China is one among many other countries that have recognised the necessity in aligning national scientific progress with that of global development. As China is striding along the path of scientific development with determination and initial success, a key concern confronted by international scientific community is how China, a rising scientific power, will transform existing global scientific atlas. Based on a project carried out in six Chinese cities between to , this paper mainly employs Ulrich Beck's cosmopolitan theory in examining China's life sciences' development in the last decade to investigate how Chinese stakeholders have developed a cosmopolitan sensibility to rival ways of scientific reasoning, and in what way, Chinese stakeholders have contributed to the cosmopolitanization of science.

Beck, Asia and second modernity.

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The work of Ulrich Beck has been important in bringing sociological attention to the ways issues of risk are embedded in contemporary globalization, in developing a theory of 'reflexive modernization', and in calling for social science to transcend 'methodological nationalism'. In recent studies, he and his colleagues help to correct for the Western bias of many accounts of cosmopolitanism and reflexive modernization, and seek to distinguish normative goals from empirical analysis.

In this paper I argue that further clarification of this latter distinction is needed but hard to reach within a framework that still embeds the normative account in the idea that empirical change has a clear direction. Similar issues beset the presentation of diverse patterns in recent history as all variants of 'second modernity'. Lastly, I note that ironically, given the declared 'methodological cosmopolitanism' of the authors, the empirical studies here all focus on national cases.

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Whitmore, Henschke, and Hilaris: The reorientation of prostate brachytherapy Urologists had performed prostate brachytherapy for decades before New York's Memorial Hospital retropubic program. This paper explores the contribution of Willet Whitmore, Ulrich Henschke, Basil Hilaris, and Memorial's physicists to the evolution of the procedure. Literature review and interviews with program participants. More than retropubic implants were performed at Memorial between and Unlike previous efforts, Memorial's program benefited from the participation of three disciplines in its conception and execution.

Memorial's retropubic program was a collaboration of urologists, radiation therapists, and physicists. Their approach focused greater attention on dosimetry and radiation safety, and served as a template for subsequent prostate brachytherapy programs.

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Zinc and lead deposits of northern Arkansas, with a section on the determination and correlation of formations. The field work on which this report is based was carried on during the months of July, August, and September, The writer was assisted by Prof. Purdue, of the University of Arkansas, and Mr. Ernest F.