How do i find my printers ip address

How to find a printer's IP address

For Microsoft Windows, follow these steps. In some cases, you might need to know the MAC Address to the printer. The MAC Address is often provided on a sticker on the back or bottom of the printer. On many Home wireless routers, the options are simple. It then shows me the printer and the IP Address it is using. This is often my last resort when a printer IP gets lost.

How To Find A Printer IP Address – Catch Supplies

The utility will show me a list of devices on every IP Address on the network. The Hostname usually provides some information on the make and model of the printers found. Just about every office with more than one worker these days uses a networked printer, usually to share a nice high-end printer among several people or an entire workgroup.

These printers are usually configured to be part of the local area network, so that any PC or laptop or even tablet or smartphone can access them to make printouts. These networked printers are an excellent way to share a resource among multiple users but present a new set of problems when you need to troubleshoot.

For example, if you use a dedicated print server the method will differ from that used if you have your printer set up wirelessly or connected to a router Ethernet port.

How To Find your Printer IP Address

The first question to answer is whether you gave your printer a static IP address or not. A static IP address is where you tell your router to always give a device the same IP address and to not give it to any other device. This is useful for items like printers or in networks with a lot of devices on them.

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If your printer has a dynamic IP addresses, that means you let your router control addressing and allow it to assign any IP address it likes. This will still work and should be perfectly manageable in smaller networks. In this example, the initial IP address for each device is as below: iPad - It means that either the iPad IP address has to be XXX or the printer IP address has to be However there is no way for us to change the printer IP address since we can't communicate with it right now.

How to Find Your Printer IP Address [Tutorial]

Therefore, the IP address for iPad should first be changed. Then, upon connected, user will be able to change the printer IP address to the same subnet as the router.

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Summary: 1 To change the iPad IP address to match printer's subnet. Tap on the connected Wi-Fi tab on the right as shown below. Upon tapping on the connected Wi-Fi tab, the screen will be shown as below.

What’s my Brother Printer’s IP Address?

Users are required to change the IP configuration to manual. To change it, tap on "Configure IP" as shown below. Upon tapping it, the screen will be shown as below. Select "Manual", then key in the desired IP address of the iPad manually. Do note that each device has its own IP address and cannot be overlapped. As displayed in the screenshot above, the IP address for iPad has been changed to The actual IP address of the router is still Regardless of what the router IP address now is, the iPad and printer are under the same subnet and they are able to communicate with each other.

XXX instead. XXX meaning any number from , however do not use in this example as it is taken by the printer. As mentioned earlier, the IP address for printer was initially