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Not everyone releases a birth announcement, but some people do. To order your official birth certificate, you can use a service like VitalCheck. Family trees are online listings of how people are related within a family, so they're a great public record of who's married to whom, whether someone has passed away, how many children someone has, and maybe even where people are currently living. If you still can't find the public records you're searching for, consider using a regular web search engine like Google or Bing.

They serve as excellent general search tools that can look across lots of websites at once instead of the specific ones listed above.

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How to Research Your Family. However, here are some other resources for finding public records:. Census Bureau.

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Records include details on population, housing, economics, and geography. Stoneburner David Minge Natalie E. Hudson Wilhelmina M. Wright Renee L. Worke Kevn G. Ross Heidi S.

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Does your state allow a prospective employer to ask you about your criminal records?

Smith Diane B. Similar to WhitePages, ZabaSearch offers a fairly good index of people. View address history, relatives, past and present places of work, and schools attended. Though this website is made for creating family trees, the free information that they offer can give you an insight into the person you are researching.

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The site offers billions of historical records including census records, birth records, death records, marriage and divorce records, living people records, and military records. Criminal background searches are often some of the most revealing and most warranted. The same goes for that babysitter you just hired for the weekends and that electrician working in your home.

Family Watchdog is a free website that helps locate registered sex offenders in your area. The website gives information about the offender including their basic information, addresses, charges, markings, and aliases. Needless to say, the internet has made access to public records a lot easier.

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The site is free and easy to use but merely serves as a gateway to other public records sites. The site serves as a direct portal to official county and state record databases and even carries out criminal background checks for a small fee. We all know your credit can make or break your financial desires. Most credit report websites offer reports for a small fee, or even free depending on your situation.

Innovis is one of the more trustworthy credit report sites.