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How to send encrypted emails via PGP is described here. The integrity of an 'Incident Request' with all available data needs to be saved up to 90 days after a ticket was closed to ensure a holistic assessment in case of Contractual complaints. This time frame is mandatory and gives also the customer time for detailed tests. In case of reopening an incident within these three months all information is still available and needs not to be recollected by customers and end users. Open-Xchange introduced a weekly deletion process, the deletion work on ticket attachments and on raw email files which are affected by attachments.

The automatic deletion of all ticket attachments takes place weekly at Sunday and affects all tickets which are in a 'closed' state since 90 days. Open-Xchange takes security related topics very seriously. In order to provide customers, and their users, a safe and reliable working environment, security vulnerabilities are handled with a high priority and are covered by an optimized delivery process. We believe that security issues must be communicated openly, while at the same time protecting customers that may be affected by that issue.

Delivery To provide input to the software security community we publish all security issues.

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This is done once the issue has been identified, a Patch Release has been provided to our customers, and they have had sufficient time to respond and roll out the Patch Release. It is for this reason that we have chosen a hybrid model of responsible-disclosure, and full-disclosure, when announcing vulnerabilities. Open-Xchange is very eager to get feedback from the security community about unknown issues. We are committed to resolve them quickly without bureaucracy or hassle. This ensures that customers can request deployment information from their Support or Services contacts.

This information is then made available through Patch Release Notes, once the vulnerability has been solved. The Release Notes do not contain specific information about the vulnerability. This makes sure that customers are protected until public disclosure is attained. The posts contain detailed information about the vulnerability as well as a history of the vulnerabilities discovery process. These postings can be used to map CVE-Identifiers from the Release Notes with a detailed description of the vulnerability.

The public announcement usually takes place within 5 to 10 business days after a Security Patch Release has been provided to all customers. To avoid exploitation of a known security issues, please make sure to update your systems to a Security Patch Release as quickly as possible.

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Learn about our commercial support offerings and choose which packages fits you best. Commercial Support. Experiencing issues with your OX product? Check out our Support Knowledge Base for self service and basic trouble shooting. Self Service. Learn more How do I report a product bug? Learn more What are the different severity levels?

Learn more Personal Data Policy Learn more. To contact Open-Xchange: Send an email to support at open-xchange.

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Severity: 4, 3, 2, 1 see description of Severity Levels Track-ID: the customer's internal tracking number, e. Issue Description Expected behaviour The following user guide provides an overview about the Open-Xchange ticket system. Severity 2 Operation is severely disrupted. Severity 3 Partial loss of non-critical functionality. Your registration is now complete. Start transacting and enjoy all services of Axis Bank Internet Banking.

Follow these steps if you have a username and password but cannot access all services. Log on to Internet Banking If you see a message stating that your access to Internet Banking is currently a View Only access and asking you to register for fund transfer then follow the steps below: Visit your nearest Axis Bank ATM and register for Netsecure Refer steps below for more information.

Re-login to Internet Banking. You will see a message asking you to register for Netsecure 2nd factor authentication. Click there to register for Netsecure. Choose the mode you want to opt for. Enter your mobile number and Submit. Please enter the same mobile number that you have registered earlier.

If you see a message asking you to register for Netsecure 2nd factor authentication then follow the steps below: Click on register for Netsecure on the post login page. Choose the mode you want to opt. In case while entering the mobile no. Follow these steps to register your mobile number for internet banking at an ATM. You will get an SMS confirming your registration.

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Alternatively you can also visit our nearest branch and register your mobile number for Internet Banking Netsecure. Netsecure with SMS. If you currently receive SMS Alerts from us on your mobile, it means that your mobile number is registered with the Bank. Netsecure with 1-Touch Device. You can generate Netsecure code using the 1-Touch device. Please note that you will be charged a one-time fee of Rs for the device, which is non-refundable.

What is a Customer ID?

Netsecure with Mobile App. Resident customers must ensure that their mobile no. NRI customers must ensure that their email id is registered with Axis Bank. Carry out transactions carefully Five consecutive unsuccessful attempts to enter Netsecure code will disable your Netsecure code for the day. You will be able to access your account but will not be able to do any transaction which requires you to enter Netsecure code for validation.

Netsecure will be enabled automatically after 24 hours. Get your activation code Please note that the activation code is sent on the email id and mobile number registered with the Bank. In case you have not received the activation code email, please check your email SPAM folder.

Where to find your customer reference number

Troubleshoot activation issues If you have a problem during activation, it could be because of any of the following reasons Your data connectivity is switched off. Please check the data connectivity of your device and retry. You are entering wrong activation code or your activation code has expired.

In case the activation code has expired, you can retry app registration with a new serial no. The activation code will be valid for 15 minutes. Your Verification SMS was not successfully sent. Please check your SIM Card validity and ensure that the verification sms is sent successfully before proceeding to the next step in the app registration. In case of Token Verification failure for reasons other than above, please retry to register with a new serial no. Display Debit Card. You can generate Netsecure code using Display Debit Card. To know more, click here. Understand the service.

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You can set answers to any 3 questions of your choice as a one-time exercise. These answers will be known only to you and will be used for verification from time to time. This simple step for verification with these questions will secure your online account from fraudsters even if they gain access to your login credentials through other means like phishing etc. Reset questions through usual device. What do you mean by usual device? Reset questions through usual device You can reset your questions through usual device in 3 simple steps Step 1: Login to Internet Banking and go to My Profile section where your login ID is shown.

How can I reset questions and answers through the ATM? How can I reset questions and answers through the branch? You can reset your questions through Branches in 3 simple steps Step 1: Visit Axis Bank branch and provide a written request for reset of questions Step 2: Branch will raise an SR for this request Step 3: The questions will be reset in a TAT of 1 day. Unblock a locked account. If you enter incorrect answer, then your Internet Banking access will be locked after 4 incorrect attempts. This access will be automatically unlocked or enabled by hours IST midnight.

Once your Internet Banking access is unlocked, you may login through your usual device or visit nearest Axis Bank ATM to reset your questions instantly. In such a situation, you may visit the branch to reset your answers. The TAT for reset of answers through the branch is 1 day.

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