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They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. KCMO Home I Want To Jump to subpage Bring all items that must be mailed, including any payment, as the fingerprint cards will not be returned to the customer. Bring a valid photo I. You may bring your own card to include with your packet, but the prints will appear on our cards. Please contact us at with questions. Court Services. Court Appearances.

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Docket Types and Times Find a court appearance time online — check the listing of the Municipal Court docket types and times. Appearances An arraignment is the first court appearance and is the scheduled time for a defendant to enter a plea. Pleading guilty means that you admit to committing the charged offense. Pleading not guilty means you deny guilt and that the city must prove in trial that the charges are true beyond a reasonable doubt.

Once you plea no contest, the judge will find you guilty and impose a sentence. A plea of no contest is not an admission of fault and cannot be used against you in a civil suit. A Municipal Court Clerk may grant a one-time 2 week continuance, on a first appearance, prior to the scheduled court date.

All other continuances are at the sole discretion of the presiding Municipal Court Judge. A Pro Se defendant may attempt to obtain a continuance, without appearing in court on their case s , by filing A Pro Se Motion for Continuance PDF, 69 KB It is important to note that a defendant is not excused from an appearance until he or she has received an order of continuance signed by the presiding Municipal Court Judge.

Appealing a Conviction. Court Appointed Attorney. You have the right to be represented by an attorney on any jailable offense. The KORA can be enforced privately. If you are representing yourself, you can act as your own attorney. If you want or need legal advice or help on handling a case, you will need to contact a private attorney to obtain those legal services.

Suit must be brought in the district court in the county where the records are located. If the records are located out of state, there is no cause of action under KORA. Altevogt v. Youth Friends, 29 Kan. See also Wichita Eagle v. Simms, 50 P. The KORA is a civil law; it is not criminal. There are no criminal penalties attached to violating the KORA.

The KORA does not speak to preservation of public records. However, other laws may require that a public record be kept for a specific time period. State agencies and counties are subject to the Preservation Act and are prohibited from destroying public records except as permitted by minimum records retention schedules as set forth by the State Records Board. Only state agencies and counties must follow these retention schedules. Unless some specific law applies to a specific record, all other public agencies may dispose of their records as they deem advisable.

The state archivists may be contacted at County commissions may petition the Records Board for departures from local government general schedule. The State Records Board has published a Local Government Records Manual which sets forth the schedule of minimum retention periods for counties. Altering, destroying, defacing, removing or concealing any public record without legal authority is a class A misdemeanor.

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Cities are not subject to the records retention board's schedule. However, the state archivist can advise on retention issues and there are statutory requirements for retention of certain city records. See e. Search Box Search for:. Gang Free Kansas - Resources. Contact Us Scheduling Request Request a presentation. Are all records subject to the KORA?

KORA FAQ - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

Only public records are subject to the KORA. What is a public record? Are records possessed by a private person, group or company subject to the KORA? What is the purpose of the KORA?

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Does the KORA give the media or press greater access rights than the general public? Does the KORA cover only paper documents? Computerized data possessed by a public agency is a "public record. Does the KORA require that a public agency create a record in order to answer questions or requests for information? Does the KORA apply to public records that may exist in the future?

What does it mean to be a "public agency" subject to the KORA? Is a business or group automatically subject to the KORA merely because it receives public funds? What are the tests for determining if a not-for-profit entity is subject to the KORA? What are some examples of not-for-profit entities that are subject to the KORA?

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Some specific nonprofit entities providing mental health services are subject because there is specific statutory authorization for contracts with such nonprofits and in such a capacity they perform traditional governmental functions. Nonprofit city hospital because authorized by statute and created by city. What are some examples of not-for-profit entities that are not subject to the KORA? In Memorial Hospital Assn. Knutson, Kan. The Court described this as limited receipt of public funds. WSU Endowment Assn.

Sheltered Living, Inc.

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  4. The KORA does not apply to private associations or privately formed groups; e. When does an otherwise private non-profit entity have to provide financial records on how they spend public funds? Are judges subject to the KORA? Are court records subject to the KORA? Are records made, maintained or kept by a legislator or a member of a governing body such as a city council member or a county commissioner subject to the KORA? If a public official or employee has a record in their possession, while at work, does that automatically make it a public record subject to the KORA?

    What is the general rule about public records being open to the public?

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    7. May I remove a public record so that it can be copied somewhere else? Does a public agency have to make copies of radio or recording tapes or discs, video tapes or films, pictures, slides, graphics, illustrations? Does a public agency have to allow me to see or get copies of computerized information? Does a public agency have to digitalize information for me, if they only possess it in analog hard copy form?

      Does the KORA require that a public agency acquire or design a software program in order to produce information in the desired format? Can electronic records be closed? What if the public agency doesn't have a regular place of business or regular business hours; does the KORA still cover their records? May a public agency charge a fee to provide access to or copies of public records? Does the KORA require that a public agency always charge fees in order to provide access to or copies of public records? What record fees does the KORA allow? Is there a poverty exception or some other special exception to record fees?

      May a public agency charge me for the time their staff spends on my record request?

      Court Records Detail Criminal History for Both Suspects in Kansas City Bar Shooting That Killed Four

      May a public agency charge me for computer services if I request copies of computerized data? May a public agency charge overhead costs the agency would incur even without ever receiving a KORA request? May a public agency charge for the cost of staff time used to separate open from closed information in public records? Fees may include the cost of staff time spent in redacting open from closed information. May a public agency charge me an advance fee before giving me access to or copies of public records?

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      What can I do if I don't think a record fee is reasonable? Who should I contact to make an open records request? The record custodian for the public agency in question. Is there one place or agency that I can contact to get copies of all public records? What if I do not know the name or address of the record custodian for a specific public agency?