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At the Alameda County District Attorney's Office, we review and prosecute criminal violations committed in Alameda County, bring criminal and civil actions for environmental, consumer and other violations, protect and uphold the rights of victims, and serve our community in various innovative ways such as restorative justice projects.

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Read more about our mandated services. Our jurisdiction covers over square miles and our staff work in 9 offices located throughout the County. We have six specialized divisions within the office:. Within the Criminal Prosecution Division, we have numerous specialized units dedicated to specific areas. These units are staffed by experienced, highly skilled prosecutors who are experts in their individual fields. Duties may include:.

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All positions are at-will appointments and will be made at the discretion of the District Attorney. Court Commissioners shall comply with the directions of the Presiding Judge and the directions of the Supervising Judge of the facility in which they are assigned.

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The Presiding Judge shall assign Court Commissioners to perform subordinate judicial officer duties based on the best interest of the Court. A Court Commissioner may be assigned to perform the duties of a Temporary Judge.

Court Commissioner assignments are interchangeable. The ideal candidate shall maintain the independence of the judiciary and possess the utmost dignity, character and demeanor that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.

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Any appointment is made effective by an order of the Presiding Judge. Court Commissioners serve at the pleasure of the Court and may be terminated at any time with or without cause.

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The appointing authority may refuse to consider or appoint a candidate if the applicant uses or attempts to use any personal or political influence to further eligibility. This does not prohibit candidates from submitting letters of references from any source, including judicial officers.

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Court Commissioners have the same jurisdiction and exercise the same powers and duties as the judges of the courts with respect to infractions and small claims actions, and in other matters pursuant to stipulation of the parties. Court Commissioners may be assigned to any court location. While the primary assignment of the current opening will be in Probate, the Commissioner may be assigned to cover calendars in other areas, e.

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This Commissioner position will primarily be assigned to Probate, and therefore is required to meet all content-based and hours-based education as indicated in rule Note: The following are duties performed by employees in this classification; however, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all listed duties.

Acts as a Temporary Judge in Court cases pursuant to stipulation of counsel or parties; conducts a daily court calendar; presides over hearings and trials; and makes rulings, findings, judgments and orders. Arraigns defendants; hears, reviews and rules on or determines a variety of petitions, motions and other actions; takes evidence from witnesses; makes or recommends appropriate court orders; accepts pleas and imposes sentences; sets cases for hearings and trials; and conducts court and jury trials.

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Performs the functions of a referee of the Juvenile Court. Conducts judicial hearings in family support cases involving Title IV of the Social Security Act, and cases filed by the District Attorney to establish paternity and other child support-related matters; and may act as a judge pro-tem in such matters, or as a commissioner making findings and recommendations subject to review by a judge of the court.

Performs one or more of the functions of a probate commissioner, including review of pleadings and accountings in probate, guardianship, conservatorship and related matters; approves creditors' claims, ex parte requests and other probate actions; and presides over probate proceedings as assigned. Presides over proceedings involving such matters as criminal and traffic arraignments.

Presides over proceedings in civil actions, including probate matters, as well as small claims actions.