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Thank you Anglia Research, and especially Oliver Howard, for contacting me about the estate left behind by a cousin, from which I received a small share. Oliver was very straightforward and candid in explaining the work of Anglia Research and I was happy to adopt their professional services in settling this matter. Many thanks also for the help Anglia Research have given me and my family in sorting out the affairs of the late deceased. I'm not sure if it is 'the done thing' in these circumstances but I would like to thank you and your associates for all the hard work that went into this case which resulted in my receiving a cheque last Friday.

Very many thanks. I and my siblings were not aware of an uncle passing away without any sort of Will on file. I had not seen him since I was a child about 45 years ago. So it was a surprise when we were contacted by Anglia Research. They dealt with the claim quickly and efficiently and put me in touch with a Solicitor. It's always sad when someone passes away on their own but from what I remember, our Uncle would have been pleased that the money he left has helped my family have an enjoyable Christmas.

This would not have happened without the "out of the blue" contact from Oliver Howard. So thank you from all of us. Thank you very much for sending me the information gathered by you during your research. Once again many, many thanks. Thank you so much for your prompt replies to any question that I asked. All done in a courteous and polite way, which seems to be a dying art these days.

Dear Oliver I received the money from my brother's estate over the weekend. I just wanted to write and thank you. Your Company, and you yourself, have been so professional and helpful from start to finish. Thank you so much. I also enjoy liaising with our extensive network of specialist research agents around the globe. Alex joined us in He was formerly a director of gilts trading at HSBC in London, having worked in financial markets at the bank for 24 years. He holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

I was contacted by Alex Horrod regarding my brother who had passed away. Sadly I did not know this fact as I had not had any contact with my brother for a number of years. Alex handled a difficult situation with tact and diplomacy. He was very understanding and patient whilst I came to terms with the information he gave me. I have had quite a few telephone calls and emails from Alex over the past couple of months and he has been very sympathetic.

He had to ask me some difficult questions, but always gave me time to think about my replies. I have been very impressed with Anglia Research as a company and they have been very reliable and efficient. I have been with Anglia Research for over a decade and watched it expand over the years. We have a really good work force who all get on well with each other. Looking at the family tree, I can see what a hugely difficult task you were set. It must be quite unusual for a family to die out completely in the third generation But you have done a wonderful job on it, and given us a lot of really useful information.

Dear Rachel I am so pleased with your help regarding this estate.

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Thank you all so much. Many thanks for cheque recieved, this will be of great value to us. I understand the time it takes to sort this out, with a lot of work on your part. When I have rung you I have always found your response very courteous, bringing me up to date with what you had found out. Thank you for all your hard work. I genuinely enjoy the whole lot.

Speaking with a wide variety of characters on a daily basis also makes me smile. Matthew spent many years conducting research and analysis for intelligence units within the Metropolitan Police, including working for the royalty protection team.

He joined Anglia Research in Matthew holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR. Dear Mr Boardman I am writing to thank you very much indeed for all the work you have carried out on my behalf in respect of the estate of my cousin I have, in the past, seen programmes about the work of firms such as yours on the television, but never for a moment expected to be in a position to be contacted by one!

This has been a new experience for me, and you have made the whole process extremly straightforward, for which I am very grateful. As executors of a 7 year old will, we were stuck trying to trace a beneficiary whom we didn't know and had exhausted asking other family members and his friends; though we did know a little bit about him from some correspondence all we had redundant emails and phone numbers but no address to track him down, and we had failed. Matthew Anglia Research very quickly traced him for us. Very happy with the service as this was the final piece of the puzzle we needed to complete our executors duties.

Thanks Matthew : — Jackie Welbourne view Google review. I want to take the opportunity to thank you and Matthew Boardman for the very pleasant collaboration over the administration of this estate in recent months. It was a pleasure to work with you both. Everything was handled with great care and professionalism and the many complexities of tidying up the estate were, it seems to me, handled in a smooth and efficient way.

A small note to thank you for your research into our family and the rewards we have all received. Without you we would never have known all about this side of our family, although my mum did keep in contact with her step sister in Canada, there was never a connection with the one in America. Many thanks once again.

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Thank you and the team for your hard good work. Hello Matthew I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and for your helpfulness with my enquiries.

There are two main aspects to my job. The first is meeting the problem-solving challenge of putting together an accurate family tree as fast as possible from just a name and date of death.

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The process at this point does not show anything but the facts of the bloodlines. He is a skilled researcher who often deals with cases involving property and land-related issues.

Today Tonight - Genes Reunited, March 2006

He has a particular interest in helping to bring empty homes back into use. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christopher Ferry for his kindness and understanding in the research case of the above named. Christopher has been clear in communication, kind in his efforts and professional throughout. The world needs more people like him. We write this letter in grateful thanks to Chris Ferry of the Ipswich office of Anglia Research and to apprise you of your colleague's work ethic and attention to detail.

Chris has at all times been courteous, knowledgeable and helpful to a fault. Without his sterling efforts and continued input and help we would not have been able to achieve the result we did. Dear Christopher I would just like to thank you for all the work you have done in processing my case. Although the money did not amount to a great deal, I am sure that the effort you put into this case was no less than if it had been a vast fortune.

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The tracking of my family tree was particularly satisfying and I would just like to thank you again. Finding myself one of the beneficiaries from the estate Thank you also for all the information which you have very kindly given to me regarding several members of my family tree. I would like to say how helpful we found Anglia, especially Christopher Ferry the case manager.

My wife Linda phoned up a few times and found him very understanding. When dealing with beneficiaries, I aim to make the process as easy and accessible as possible. I very much enjoy speaking with people from all walks of life and hearing their family history — it brings our research to life. In her previous role, Georgia was a commercial finance broker.

Her love of genealogy and her administrative skills brought her to Anglia Research, where her warm, commonsense approach helps her guide beneficiaries through the process of building a successful kinship claim. Hi Georgia, For the record, I would like to express my appreciation for the care and helpfulness you have shown me.

As a younger member of the staff, I would like your superiors to know that you are indeed an excellent ambassador for the company. I never thought I would have any dealings with research companies but Anglia Research and especially Georgia the lady who was dealing with me were very kind and compassionate.

Even if you sometimes don't see your loved ones for a long time for whatever reason, Georgia treated me very well Thank you Anglia Research and especially Georgia. Ellicia has a passion for genealogy, an eye for detail and a first class degree in classical civilisation from the University of Roehampton. Before joining Anglia Research, she worked in the special risks sector writing reports assessing the threat posed by buried unexploded WW2 bombs on modern day construction sites.

I would like to compliment and thank your case worker Ellicia Petersen whom I have just spoken with regarding her efforts to trace all surviving relatives of my late cousin. Ellicia is a wonderful asset to your organisation and it would have been thoughtless of me in the extreme had I not taken the time to let you know that.

As someone who has worked with customer facing organisations all my life, I found her overall approach to be of the highest order, and praiseworthy in every respect. I particularly would like to thank Elicia Petersen who I found very helpful at a sad time for me on hearing of my cousin's demise.

She handled all my enquiries with an informed and sympathetic manner and helped me to get in touch with my long-lost family for which I cannot thank her enough. The mystery of the unknown relative and a small inheritance was made easy to understand thanks to the professional, warm and approachable manner of Ellicia Petersen.

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My thanks to Anglia Research for their advice and support throughout this unique experience. Great service Ellicia Petersen took a few details over the phone from me and then sorted everything out and i got a cheque What more could you ask for Many thanks Ellicia and Anglia Research. I would like to thank Ellicia for all of the support that she has given my family. She excelled in her listening and supporting skills and was always prepared to go the extra mile where possible.