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First, both of the main political parties - Republicans and Democrats - have to pick one candidate each who they want to run for president.

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The parties choose their candidate by holding primaries or caucuses in each American state, which are held between January until about June. In a primary election, the public vote for people called 'delegates' - who are supporting the particular person they want to run for president. Each state has a certain number of delegates depending on many people live there.

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If a candidate wins a state they get all that state's delegates. The person from each party with the most delegates then becomes their candidate and runs for the job of president! Some states use a caucus - a local meeting system - instead of holding primaries. The presidential elections are always held on the first Tuesday in November. Americans vote for people called 'electors' in their state who are supporting the candidate they want to be president - this process is called the electoral college.

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The more people who live in a state, the more electors that state has. So California, which has lots of people living there, has 55 votes. While Delaware, where there aren't as many people, has just three votes. In total, there are votes across the 50 states and the capital, Washington DC.

The candidate with the most electors wins all the state's electoral college votes. And the first candidate to win enough states to get to electoral votes becomes the president. The president of America can be a man or a woman of any race or any religion, but they must have:.

It takes months, even years, of really hard work to be elected president.

And you need a lot of money to support your campaign. Once you've become president, the rules state one person can only be in the job for a maximum of eight years.

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Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. President Donald Trump will win reelection easily in if the economy holds up, modeling by Moody's Analytics shows. Three models show Trump getting at least electoral votes and as many as , assuming average turnout.

The Moody's models have been backtested to and were correct each time — except in , when it indicated Clinton would get a narrow victory.


Persuading the People: Presidential Campaigns

VIDEO RBC's Calvasina on impact of presidential election on individual sectors. Squawk on the Street.

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