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Those changes, though, were merely a prelude to the big news of Trans Am. It wasn't more power that made the Trans Am special, but its looks and handling.

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With a special dual intake scooped hood, deck spoiler, fender vents and white with blue stripe paint scheme, the Trans Am was easily the flashiest Firebird yet. Going on sale in March of '69, only Trans Ams were sold during this first model year including eight convertibles. A slow start for what would become an automotive icon.

Starting in '70 was the Trans Am with its rear-breathing shaker hood scoop, deep front spoiler, front fender vents and full-width rear spoiler. It was available either in Polar White with blue tape stripes or Lucerne Blue with white tape stripes -- both with a relatively modest bird stencil at the tip of the nose and the words Trans Am across the rear spoiler.

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The standard transmission was a four-speed manual, and the suspension tuned by famed road racer Herb Adams who was then a GM engineer was instantly hailed as providing the best handling of any American car -- including the Corvette. Only 3, Trans Ams were sold during that first abbreviated model year, but the car would go on to define the decade.

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  • Car Tech CT The Definitive Firebird/Trans Am Guide -Book.

Sales of the '71 Firebird were miserable a mere 2, Trans Ams were sold , and General Motors threatened to cancel the car for Going into , things looked grim for the Firebird, but two modifications to the Trans Am would change that. First was the appearance of the large "screaming chicken" hood graphic, which nearly covered the entire hood. And second was the offering of the Super Duty engine, which was shockingly close to a race engine and appeared at a time when virtually all other cars were retreating from performance. The SD it said so right on the shaker scoop had a reinforced block, special cam shaft, aluminum pistons, oversize valves and header-like exhaust manifolds but carried only a horsepower rating.

That was an understatement, as many experts estimated the output at horsepower, if not more. Only Trans Ams got the Super Duty in '73, and just 43 Formula models were also blessed with this powerplant.

Revised, more angular bumpers made the Firebirds a bit more handsome, but changes were otherwise minimal. This would be the last year for the in the Trans Am and the first year for the black-and-gold Special Edition Trans Am which was also the first Firebird with a T-top and would soon become the best-known Firebird of them all.

A new "Batmobile" front end with quad square headlamps was the great innovation for the This was also the year the Trans Am became firmly established as the car of the s when Burt Reynolds drove a black-and-gold Special Edition through the unexpected hit Smokey and The Bandit. The Bandit's Trans Am may have looked great, but it wasn't particularly quick -- Hot Rod magazine tested a similar car and could only muster a It sure was popular, though, as Pontiac sold 68, Trans Ams along with 86, other assorted Firebirds during Sales were no doubt helped by the movie appearance, coupled with the fact a gold Firebird and later a gold Trans Am was used extensively in the through TV crime show The Rockford Files, helping to put the Trans Am in front of a lot of viewers in the late 70's.

With no reason to mess with success, the Trans Am basically carried over from the '77 except that there were a lot more "special editions" like a gold version with brown accents. Burt Reynolds continued his love affair with the Trans Am by using a red one in his 'the life of a Hollywood stunt man' movie, Hooper.

Pontiac put yet another new nose on the Firebird for with the four rectangular headlamps all in their own bezels, and the split grille was now down below them. The tail was also redesigned with blackout panels disguising the taillights on the Formula and Trans Am.

Otherwise, except for some revised graphics, the '79 was nearly identical to the ' A special silver 10th-Anniversary edition Trans Am was sold in '79, but an unfortunate item that year was the fact that it spelled the end for the beloved cubic-inch L78 Pontiac V8. A TV show called "Modern Marvels" recently did a great segment on the Trans Am's of the 70's, which easily explains why they were so popular The 's started with fuel economy the primary concern, so Pontiac turned to turbocharging for Trans Am and Formula power. The result was a single Garrett turbo lashed to the 4.

Three major movies featuring the most popular actor of the day, along with lots of TV coverage cemented the 2nd generation Trans Am as one of the most popular and recognizable cars of all time. While the third-generation Firebird appeared in many ways more different from the Camaro than ever before, in fact it was more like the Camaro than ever before. Gone forever were Pontiac's own engines. From onward, all Firebird V8s would be GM "corporate" motors which, in actuality, meant Chevrolet's classic small-block.

Love At First Sight

And, with one notable and glorious exception, all fours and V6s would also be shared with the Camaro. Trans Am buyers could also opt for the misbegotten "Cross-Fire Injection" version of the 5. As unappealing as the drivetrain choices were, the new third-generation Firebirds were praised for their solid handling, good looks and ability to out-act David Hasselhoff as Knight Rider's talking car, Kitt.

That the '82 Trans Am never earned an Emmy nomination in five seasons on NBC remains one of show business' great injustices. The Firebird was changed only minimally, but availability of the L69 expanded, the Cross-Fire V8 was junked and a special white with blue trim 15th Anniversary Trans Am was offered that featured Recaro front seats. For , Pontiac restyled the Firebird with a revised nose, new taillights and full rocker and quarter-panel extensions to the Trans Am to produce a more aggressive-looking car.

Rated at horsepower 15 less than in the Camaro because of a more restrictive intake , the L98 had to be mated to a four-speed automatic, but its big torque production and flexibility made it easily the best motor yet installed in a third-generation Trans Am. It also saw the introduction of a new range-topping, high-content Trans Am known as the GTA or, the 'Corvette with a back seat' as some magazines called it. This is just a Trans Am, not even the same year or color. Yeah… makes you think the cars not that sellable if they got to try and associate it with completly unrelated year that does actually have some collectability due a movie or famous person etc..

Agree that really nothing to do with Smokey and the bandit. Nevertheless It is still a legitimate movie inspired car.

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